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Company: Earth Renew Inc.


recommendation: Strong Buy

Start of production in spring 2021 - This stock is taking off in full swing!

We have great news today from the pioneer in the field of ecological fertilizers in the agricultural sector Earth Renew (WKN A2P6MB). As the company announces, a second round of financing raised $ 815,000.

These funds will be used for equipment purchases, engineering and construction costs in upgrading the Strathmore facility, feasibility studies for future projects, field and research trials, market development activities and working capital for ramping up operations at the Strathmore facility and general corporate purposes.

That means, Earth Renew is right on schedule for the start of its ecological fertilizer production in spring 2021!

CEO Keith Driver confirms that the work and plans are right on schedule:

This second tranche gives us the convenience of having sufficient funding to move Strathmore back on track and capitalize on US expansion opportunities over the next 12 months. . We will take orders for devices with long delivery times such as B. hand over the dryer so that we can complete the final redesign of the facility in Strathmore in the coming months. The goal is to start production of our organic fertilizer in the plant in time for the spring planting season 2021.

In our opinion, nothing stands in the way of a reassessment of the Earth Renew (WKN A2P6MB). The share price has already recovered well in the last few days and offers excellent opportunities at this level to increase your position in the portfolio or to join the company from scratch!

Earth Renew is therefore a clear buy recommendation!


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Financing of millions secured: 10 million dollars in capital pave the way for great growth!

Earth Renew recently announced the following news. The company was able to secure flexible financing in order to expand the projects that have already been initiated and to further advance the ecological fertilizer production developed in-house.

Alumina Partners, a leading New York City private equity firm, is providing a total of $ 10 million to Earth Renew (NYSE: Earth Renew). With the background of the current economic challenges that arise for many companies due to the Corona crisis, the conclusion of this financing agreement is a great vote of confidence.

"We are excited to invest in EarthRenew as they accelerate their work to provide an alternative to this paradigm and support sustainable agriculture in a profitable, market-driven manner."

That says Adi Nahmani, one of the responsible managers at Alumina Partners. Since Alumina Partners receives shares and options for each financing tranche used by Earth Renew (WKN A2P6MB), it is understandable that Alumina sees great potential in the further development of the company and expects prices to continue to rise.

Keith Driver, CEO of Earth Renew (WKN A2P6MB), was correspondingly satisfied and said of the agreement:

"The Facility gives us the convenience of having additional capital to expedite the Strathmore recommissioning and US expansion opportunities over the next 12 months."

After the financial framework has been clarified, will Earth Renew continue to pursue its 2021 growth strategy at full speed. Expect more significant news flow in the next few weeks.

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Cheaper than ever - buy or buy this share now!

Some time ago we introduced you to Earth Renew (WKN A2P6MB), a company that could revolutionize conventional agriculture with the development of ecological fertilizers.

In the past few months, Earth Renew (WKN A2P6MB) has done its homework and laid the groundwork for getting started in 2021 at the latest. As with most start-up companies, this has so far not had any effect on the price, so that today you get almost twice as many shares with one purchase than at the time of our initial recommendation.

Therefore, in our opinion, investors now have a unique opportunity to buy or buy this share in order to lower the cost price at the time. You won't get this share any cheaper!

The prerequisites for the company to really take off in 2021 at the latest are more than given. This is mainly due to the 3 main projects that Earth Renew (WKN A2P6MB) is currently working on.

1. The completion and commissioning of the Strathmore facility in Canada is scheduled for this year. The first batch of fertilizers produced is expected to be sold in spring 2021.

2. After a successful feasibility study, the planning of a second, approximately twice as large fertilizer production plant in the southwest of the USA begins.

3. Research and development of new ecological fertilizers in collaboration with Lethbridge College. Adaptation of the already existing recipes to different regional circumstances such as the weather conditions in the southwest of the USA.

In addition, Earth Renew (WKN A2P6MB) is already generating cash flow by selling the electricity it generates and can therefore easily finance ongoing work.

The evaluation of the Earth Renewturn out to be many times higher than now. (currently approx. 10 million CAD)

The current price therefore offers the unique opportunity to reduce your cost price or to enter here from scratch. Earth Renew is a clear buy recommendation!


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Environment share earns a lot - additional cash flow through power generation!

As our manufacturer of ecological fertilizers Earth Renew (WKN A2P6MB) announces in its latest news, in July 2020 alone, around 38,450 CAD in sales were generated by feeding the electricity generated by the production facility in Strathmore. Due to the hot summer weather and the increase in the price of electricity to 55.48 CAD / MWh, Earth Renew (WKN A2P6MB) can post a little more than 30,000 CAD profit minus the costs.

This shows once again how well positioned the company is. In total, Earth Renew (NASDAQ: GEA) has 3 pillars that generate income.

I. Acceptance and processing of cow dung

II. Electricity generation to cover own requirements for fertilizer production and for resale in the event of overproduction

III. Manufacture and distribution of organic fertilizer in pallet form through proprietary technology

Earth Renew (WKN A2P6MB) plans to continue to offer its investors the best possible return through this diversification. With the completion of the production facility in Strathmore, the newly planned production facility in the southwest of the USA and the start of fertilizer sales in early 2021, we expect a positive news flow in the coming weeks.

In our opinion, the current valuation (approx. 10 million CAD) does not even begin to reflect the true value of the company. We therefore expect a real price jump, at the latest with the start of fertilizer sales in 2021.


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Evidence provided: study confirms increased plant growth through revolutionary products of up to 207% - share a clear buy!

Earth Renew (NASDAQOTH) today announced that the efficacy studies of newer and historical fertilizer formulas, which began in May 2020, have produced sensational results. In some series of samples, increases in plant growth of up to 207% could be achieved!

In our opinion, Earth Renew (WKN A2P6MB) is absolutely on the right track to bring new and innovative fertilizers to the market and thereby generate sales in the millions. The results of the recently carried out feasibility study for the construction of a new, four times larger plant for fertilizer production were consistently positive. Earth Renew (NASDAQOTH: Earth Renew) is preparing the final terms for a collaboration agreement with one of the largest fattening farms in the southwestern United States in its next step. The results of the growth studies that are now available should therefore once again improve the basis for negotiations with potential customers!

Dave McMurray, director of applied research at Lethbridge College, which conducted the studies in partnership with Earth Renew (NASDAQ: Lethbridge College), commented:

"Initial research shows that EarthRenew's organic fertilizer formulas can help various plants grow faster and stronger."

Keith Driver, CEO of Earth Renew (WKN A2P6MB) was also enthusiastic about the study results, saying:

"The initial results of our germination trial confirmed our expectation that different formulations will have positive effects on different crops. We intend to use the results so that we can demonstrate the value of EarthRenews fertilizers to our customers this fall as they make purchasing decisions for the Meet planting next year. "

After this further positive news, we are more than ever convinced that Earth Renew (NASDAQOTH: Earth Renew) is on the way to becoming a million player in the organic fertilizer sector. Management is working flat out to research new products and improve historical products. The agreement with one of the largest fattening farms in the southwest of the USA also ensures the corresponding production capacity for the future.

With this story, investors have the unique opportunity to position themselves here at an early stage!


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New production facility generates record income! Buy recommendation!

Our insider tip for ecological fertilizer production, Earth Renew (WKN A2P6MB), announced just a few days ago, announces that it plans to build a 4 times larger plant for fertilizer production and power generation in the southwest of the USA. One of the largest fattening farms in the region with over 200,000 cattle was won as a partner. Both companies will evaluate the profitability of building such a facility in a two-month feasibility study.

For Earth Renew (NYSE: GE), this expansion would spell a real revenue explosion! Keith Driver, CEO of Earth Renew (NYSE: GE) expects production to quadruple with up to 70,000 tons of organic fertilizer pellets per year compared to the current facility in Canada! In addition, the company would have a flagship plant in one of the world's largest markets for organic farming. This means that potential customers are right on their own doorstep! If the feasibility study comes to a positive result, a re-evaluation of the company is inevitable. We consider a valuation of over 1 euro to be quite realistic!

As an investor, you now have the unique opportunity to get in at such an early stage and at a very affordable price!


The news in detail:

Earth Renew (WKN A2P6MB) will work with its partner, one of the largest fattening farms in the southwest of the USA, to conduct a feasibility study for the construction of a new approximately 40 million expensive fertilizer production facility. The study is expected to include a site review, the availability of required utilities, the regulatory environment, preliminary technical considerations, and details of the organic fertilizers market to determine the overall feasibility. The study will take 2 months and will cost $ 50,000.

In the event of a positive outcome, a letter of intent will then be concluded with the mast operation, which will regulate the conditions for leasing and joint services, parameters for the delivery of raw materials and joint marketing of the end products, as well as conditions for potential electricity sales to the partner for its electrified fences .

Keith Driver, CEO of Earth Renew (WKN A2P6MB), is accordingly enthusiastic and said:

"Our prospect is very focused on our sustainability goals and is excited that we can provide a solution for their manure production. This new facility could potentially produce three to four times as much as our facility in Strathmore and give us the opportunity to run the huge Market in the US Southwest. "

Don't let the chance slip by. After our last 240% success with BEE vectoring (WKN A14WDZ), this could be the next success with several 100% returns for you.

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