What do people have to stop doing?

Just being right is not enough : Merkel must stop rejecting every allegation

When Angela Merkel appears on television all the time, you immediately know: something is going wrong. Federal press conference, "Show your colors", now RTL - the citizen is getting fed up with the Chancellor.

The message is always the same: hold on, it will take a while. If we are unlucky, the mutated viruses make things even worse. It only gets better when more or less everyone is vaccinated. And: We basically didn't make any mistakes.

These are not good news. Unfortunately, they are all correct on the matter.

Only the last one has what it takes to become a problem. When things are clearly not going optimally, there is little point in insisting on the contrary.

Now one has to give Merkel credit for the fact that quite a lot of what is loudly branded as a mistake is in fact not at all. Yes, it is true that the EU has been slow to buy and has not dug out a euro bazooka to get what it can get. Still, it remains a fairy tale that more money would have sprouted more vaccine factories.

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The country comparisons also lag miserably. The USA have placed their pharmaceutical industry under martial law, Great Britain is vaccinating according to the motto "close your eyes and through".

Israel is a miniature state with nine million inhabitants and an almost militarily organized health system. It doesn't care about data protection and is the perfect laboratory for studying herd immunity, including the new loopholes that new virus variants are tearing into the defense front. It's easy to become a preferred customer.

Merkel could tear open the fog

In retrospect, however, these relationships are difficult to convey. Nobody wants to hear self-defense speeches. Politicians - federal, state, local, regardless of who screwed up what exactly - didn't just slip away from the pandemic in late summer. At that time, the sovereignty of the discourse went flute. Since then, official communications have tried to somehow bring hope and fear together. It just doesn't work.

Merkel also conjures up the light at the end, then the tunnel again. If you listen carefully, you can see that it is in acute danger of collapsing because of the corona mutants. But it does not become so clear that everyone sees the drama.

Merkel would have the chance to tear open the fog and focus the swirling debate on the core again. However, you would have to refrain from rejecting every allegation in detail and at the same time, by and large, not seeing any errors. To be always right leads to the dead end of fruitless righteousness. When the vaccination started, at least the communication went wrong - too much expectation, too little substance.

For once, the Joschka Fischer method would be smarter. When the street-fighting Greens sat as foreign minister in front of the visa committee, he took over the general responsibility without further ado: "Write in: Fischer is to blame." Everyone was briefly upset. Then the subject was over.

Not Merkel's style, of course. But what is so difficult for a highly respected politician at the end of her career about a sequence of sentences that could roughly be: “We made mistakes, including me. Some were avoidable, some probably not, and luckily none have been catastrophic. We try our best and hope every day that it is enough. ”And with that back to the main question: How do we all get through this halfway intact?

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