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Investing in Bitcoin: you need to know that

The cryptocurrency market is booming. Bitcoin in particular is enjoying increasing popularity. Since 2017 and 2018, i.e. the year when Bitcoin experienced a huge increase in value, more and more people have been investing in Bitcoin. This surge made a lot of people millionaires and this is the dream that many people are now pursuing.

But investing in Bitcoin or crypto currencies is nowhere near as easy as it sounds at the beginning. Lots of people got so rich in this hype simply by sheer luck. But if you want to invest sustainably and long-term in cryptocurrencies and thus constantly increase your wealth, you should consider a few tips when it comes to investing.

What is bitcoin

Bitcoin is the number 1 cryptocurrency in the world and was implemented as a payment system in 2009. But what is Bitcoin anyway? Well, briefly explained, it is a crypto currency, i.e. a decentralized, digital currency that is based on blockchain technology. In addition, Bitcoin is not regulated, it is not subject to any regulation by a special state or the central bank. Blockchain technology is a very interesting topic, especially for companies, and is being implemented successfully at many locations. Now even the federal government wants to promote this technology. You can read more about this here.

So Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used for all kinds of payments. There is no physical coin, but it can still be used to buy goods or services. Bitcoin is thus taking another step towards digitizing the world and is also quite successful with it. If you look at the market capitalization, Bitcoin is by far the best cryptocurrency on the market, outperforming both Ethereum and all other digital currencies.

Tips for Bitcoin Investments

Now you know what Bitcoin is. But how can you invest in bitcoins? And even better, what should be considered when investing in Bitcoin? Well, let's start and discuss the principle of Bitcoin investments. The investments work very similarly to stocks: You buy Bitcoin, you hope or at best expect an increase in the value of Bitcoin and then you can sell the Bitcoins again with a price gain.

There are many different ways to buy bitcoins. On the one hand, there is the option of using a Bitcoin machine. With many different locations in the DACH region, you can just go there and buy bitcoins. You can transfer this to a Bitcoin wallet of your choice or to a provisional invoice. Then there is the option of using a Bitcoin exchange. There you can log in and transfer Bitcoins to your account using different currencies.

But now back to the topic of investments. You now know what Bitcoin is and how to buy Bitcoin. But how can you be sure that you will make a profit on investments? Probably the most important tip: You have to be familiar with trading and investments. This ranges from the simple basics to the choice of a suitable exchange with the right terms and conditions. Without these basics, you just buy random Bitcoin, but you can lose a lot of money if you register with the wrong exchange and pay too many fees.

You can read here how bad things can end up. The article is about a 60-year-old woman who fell for a fake website and lost almost 10,000. The article will tell you about the mistake she made.

Next important tip: stay up to date. Of course, you could just listen to other people's advice and just invest in Bitcoin now just because someone tells you to. But you should never invest like this. Find out extensive information on the subject of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, what updates are available and what positive / negative trends can be recorded. This is very important, especially with Bitcoin, because the cryptocurrency does not have a central structure, it is present internationally and is therefore also subject to the regulations and laws of the various countries.

So always read the latest news. Where are blockchain technologies being improved? Which countries impose strict regulations on Bitcoin? Of course, this topic is very broad and therefore you should also read a newspaper that has the main focus on Bitcoin. A very good website is The news website offers the latest information in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, there is also an illustration of the latest price developments, as well as instructions for buying cryptocurrencies.