Is biomedical engineering in the United States

Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering

Course content in the Bachelor Biomedical Engineering

The course covers learning content in the natural sciences, but also in engineering. Subjects such as math, physics, electrical engineering and electronics are therefore an integral part of your curriculum. In addition, you will deal with medical-biological basics. You will find courses in biomechanics, molecular medicine, anatomy, hygiene and physiology.

As in everyday life, information technology is becoming more and more important in medicine. In order to optimize devices for the patient, simulations are carried out on the computer, for example. These simulations already show the theoretical behavior of the device or the human body and thus help in the development of the medical device. This is why you also deal with medical informatics and computer graphics in the Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering.

Career prospects after graduation

You can choose from a wide range of future professions after your studies. Depending on the department and specialization, you can work in the following institutions, for example:

  • Clinics where new equipment needs to be set up and checked
  • Industrial companies with focus on medical technology systems
  • Research institutes with a focus on basic and clinical research
  • Authorities that control medical devices according to guidelines