Law firms are subject to HIPAA

Law firms are aggressively attacked by cyber criminals in order to gain access to sensitive information, which in many cases is not adequately protected.

Data breach in the law office

Law firms have vast amounts of sensitive information about their clients, which makes them attractive targets for cyber criminals. There is often a lack of internal resources to adequately ward off attackers. Fortunately, no matter the size of your law firm, there are ways to improve your security status and expected results.

What legal service providers have to do now

Assess risks and educate users.
Uncover weak points and misconfigurations.
Put the focus on the detection and response at the endpoints.
Prepare for incidents and take appropriate measures in the event of an emergency.
Case study

Protection of client confidentiality

Find out how an AmLaw100 law firm protects client confidentiality.

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  • Maintenance of confidential client data

    Identify and mitigate vulnerabilities through which attackers could gain access to your company's valuable data.

  • Empower your lawyers

    Increase the productivity of your employees by giving them secure access on mobile devices and web portals.

  • Grow your security team

    Enhance your skills with Trustwave's expertise gained from successfully working with thousands of clients worldwide.

  • Maximize the impact of your investment

    Work with Trustwave to determine how to get the most out of your existing security resources and future investments.


We support large as well as small law firms and individual lawyers in achieving their individual security goals. Regardless of whether you are currently setting up a safety program or want to further develop what is already available: our solutions can support you in this.

Device management with managed detection

Relieve yourself of the daily management of security devices. Our Trustwave Managed Devices service includes managed detection for the identification, monitoring and investigation of attacker activities.

Managed security testing

Vulnerability analyzes and penetration tests for databases, networks and applications on a single platform.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)

Quickly determine sources, causes and extent of violations, limit and eliminate the effects. Or act proactively by working out your responses before a security incident occurs.

Increase security awareness

Provide your lawyers and other employees with the tools they need to protect your data. Leverage cloud-based training to better understand threats like social engineering and teach best practices in security hygiene.

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