What makes a soul pure again?

Reincarnation - rebirth

The concept of reincarnation has been the most common conception of the afterlife in all historically known times. The doctrine of reincarnation says that consciousness does not depend on the brain, that we ultimately exist beyond matter. Consciousness and thus life does not depend on matter. Consciousness incarnates into the world to have experiences. Consciousness is limited by embodiment. It experiences in a living body. When the body dies, it goes into a more subtle way of being and then reincarnates. In the course of many reincarnations, the soul develops and perfects itself. Every rebirth makes sense in itself. Every life is important and valuable in itself. Every life has its lessons and learning tasks. But we don't need to be afraid of doing something wrong or missing out. We can make up for every mistake, we can make up for everything we missed. Every experience makes sense, even if we don't know it at the moment of the experience. Everything that happens is right for our evolution. The belief in reincarnation corresponds particularly strongly to the human need for meaning. Against the background of the possibility of reincarnation, we can live this life very consciously and intensely, without feelings of guilt or revenge, with love and fulfillment. Some scientific evidence suggests life after death or life before conception. Belief in reincarnation is intellectually captivating, psychologically helpful and emotionally heart-opening.