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How to Text a Girl - 26 Expert Tips on How to Text a Girl You Like

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“Dating has changed, and knowing how to text a girl is an important skill every guy needs.

While you are learning how to get a girlfriend Most of your communication will be through text.

& hellip; And during SMS a girl is less nerve-wracking than a phone call It adds to the dating game & hellip; add a whole new set of rules / etiquette. and there are some expectations that you should know how to write girls.

It's hard enough meeting their expectations when girls can see and Listen you & hellip; much less with just characters on a screen.

So & hellip; How do you meet these expectations? How do you start a text conversation with a girl? How do you flirt with her over text? How do you make a girl like you about text? All of these questions really are the same overwhelming conundrum:

So & hellip; To help you, we've put the 26 together bestTips on how to text a girl. And to make every tip extremely sure, I even recorded it Examples of what you should write.

How to Text a Girl You Like -14 MUST know the rules for texting a girl Check out this video on Youtube.

Why is it so important to text a girl?

Some people might be listening to a novel on their phone screens. Others want to keep their messages as short as possible. Regardless of how you feel about it, Texting is most likely the main way you communicate with a girl while you are getting to know her.

If you get it right, you will have more appointments. Do wrong & hellip; Habit.

That's because good text messaging skills will help you out Show your charm and show her that you make it a priority to talk to her. But bad text messages can make you look awkward or uninterested.

So don't ask yourself why she doesn't feel it anymore. Learn how to text a girl correctly.

How to write a girl

You don't have to be a poet to be good at SMS texting. And You don't have to download a lot of weird apps so that your messages do complicated things too.

The keys to texting a girl are a lot easierand in most cases it comes down to rules by which we can all live:

Be polite, show respect, and have fun.

Following these rules will help clarify the meaning of your messages, make you more attractive to them, and let them know that you are interested in them.

If it seems like these rules leave a lot of gray area, use the tips below to guide you until you master the art of texting a girl.

How to text a girl:

1. Text her within 24 hours of the meeting

Did you hear that? Dating 'rule' that you have to wait 3 days call a girl after you meet?

Well take this:

Most of the girls now Expect men to contact them within 24 hours of the meeting.

Why is that?

because It's incredibly easy to get in touch (You can write SMS, call, Facetime, Facebook etc.) & hellip; so IIf you wait much longer than 24 hours before texting her, She'll think you're not interested (In other words, texting is easy, so why? would not You write when you Really as?)

Good texts to send:

'Hello (her name), it's Ryan from today's meeting! "

'Hello (her name)I'm glad Stella introduced us yesterday. "

These texts are simple and to the point, but you will contact the girl within 24 hours of meeting her & hellip; Make sure she remembers you and knows you are interested.

Do not send these texts:

“Hey, it's Ryan from Stella's party last week. What's going on?'

While it's not bad / rude text, it does mean it has been well over 24 hours since you first met. Even if she remembers you, she won't be impressed that it cost you so long to realize that you are interested in her.

2. Start a text conversation with a girl

Everybody has stared at his cell phone in amazement what to type to start a conversation with a girl. You can even have wrote a couple of drafts before deciding what to send.

Knowing how to start a text conversation with a girl removes all that stress and lets you jump straight into chatting.

Whether you want to come across as playful, intellectual, flirtatious, or funny, text conversation starters are a perfect way to start a dialogue. Likewise, GIf you enter some random text from you, she will know that you are thinking of her& hellip; and it will make her think of you too.

Good texts to send:

'Would you rather have a superpower or unlimited money?'

Which current trend is really annoying you?

What do you think is the biggest red flag in a relationship?

These texts will help you to get to know them better and should be the beginning of a longer conversation. With a few follow-up questions you can steer the conversation in any direction.

Do not send these texts:

'What you up to?'

9 times out of 10 the answer to this question is 'Not much, you?'. Not exactly a fascinating discussion. Give her space to express her thoughts about something and she will be more likely to think of you.

3. Know what to write to a girl

Once you get to the point where you text her regularly, you need to know what to text a girl. so your conversations don't get stale. If you keep your text conversations interesting, she'll believe it You're the type that gets their attention.

When you get to know them, you will find more and more things to talk about naturally, But every now and then you may need ideas.

Don't let SMS become mandatory. TOMake it fresh and fun by exploring new topics and finding new ways to start and end a day texting.

Option 1: ask questions to ask a girl over text

Know good questions to ask a girl about text Make sure that you are always ready with something interesting to talk about and that you can get out of a text messaging break-in.

The key is choosing questions that suit your purpose. Decide if you want to ask a flirtatious question, a personal question, or a funny question and respond to their answer. Even the best questions fail if you show no interest in their answer.

Good texts to send:

'When was the last time you were in trouble?'

What attracts you most about another person?

What do you think is the most disappointing thing about growing up?

Texts like this are great for keeping conversations interesting because they have so much to talk about. And while some topics could naturally crop up, some questions will never be answered if they are never asked. Be ready to give your own answers to these questions too!

Do not send these texts:

'' Do you like movies? ''

While movies are a great topic to talk about, this is a terrible question. The yes or no format does not give her an opportunity to have the conversation. Choose open-ended questions so that she can educate herself about herself.

Option 2: send good morning text for her

Sending a good morning text for her to wake up to let her know that it was the first thing you thought of that day. It's your chance to start a conversation that can last all day.

The problem with good morning texts is that the same few sentences are recycled over and over again.

Send a text with a bit of originality and thought. Show that you care about your day by mentioning things that you know are going on.

The encouragement makes her feel valued and cared for. Not a bad start to the morning, is it?

Good texts to send:

Good luck with your exam today! You will do great!

I hope your meeting goes well this morning. I can't wait to hear about it.

These messages are perfect because they relate to something you already know about them. They let them know you care and that you are cheering them on. As an added bonus, they give you something to talk about later in the day.

Do not send these texts:

Good morning, get up and shine!

There is nothing wrong with this message, but nothing is right either. Write something more personal and encouraging.

Option 3: send a good nightly text for her

The thoughts and feelings that we have before going to bed disappear overnight and carry over to the next day. They can even affect how well we sleep and find their way into our dreams.

This is why it is important that you text goodnight for her which encourages feelings of affection. Create a message that makes her feel positive and she will go to bed with you on her mind.

Good texts to send:

`` Before I went to bed, I wanted to say that I was thinking of you. I hope you have the sweetest dreams "

Good night (her name). I can't wait for morning to come so I can talk to you again.

By letting her be on your mind now at the end of the day, you are showing her that she is important to you. Feeling valued and desired will bring them closer to you and be the perfect end to their day.

Do not send these texts:

''Sleep well. Do not let the bed bugs bite! "

I hope you dream of me tonight

Sending stereotypes or bad attempts at flirting will not help build positive feelings towards you. They sound insincere and can actually undo the affection she's built for you throughout the day.

4. Use their name

If you right away If you text a girl with a nickname instead of her real name, she will likely think one of two things:

  1. "Whoa! We just met and he calls me 'baby'? I'm not his baby yet! '
  2. "Did he call me 'baby' to be cute & hellip; or did he forget my name? '

& hellip; And if you don't use her name at all, it will appear so A general text that you can send to any girl.

These are not the first impressions you want to convey.Use their real name for the first text.

And PS: I recommend using their name until you reach an actual date. After you've built a good relationship, you're welcome to use nicknames.

Good texts to send:

'Hello (her name)! How was the rest of your weekend '

''(Your name)! Nice to meet you! "

These texts are simple & hellip; But you do use her name to make sure she knows your message is only for her, and that you aren't too far ahead on pet names.

Do not send this text:

'Hey baby / honey / sugar / darling.'

Look: If you use a nickname because you don't remember her name and can't figure it out through a friend, just don't text her. Move on to a girl you remember.

5. Remind her of something that happened when you met

This is one of the best tips on how to text girls.

Meeting this girl was a positive moment for you& hellip; and it was probably positive for her too (You can tell because she gave you her number, right?)

Put them back to a positive mindset in your first text by reminding them of something funny / cool / interesting that happened when you met.

My favorite approach?

Remind them of something funny & hellip; She will associate you with laughter, and girls love a man who can make them laugh!

Good texts to send:

"Nice to meet you, (her name). You made it bearable to be the DD! "

''(Your name), I'm so glad Stella introduced us. Even with Stella

Neighbor calls the police & hellip; meeting you was the most interesting

part of the night. '

Both of the above texts are Great.It's okay to pay a compliment (she made the night better for you) when you remind her of something interesting that happened.

Do not send these texts:

'Hey, it's Ryan.'

'Hello how are you?'

These texts are so boring! Send her something interesting that you will remember from the night you first met.

6. Use the correct grammar

The further girls get out of high school, the more annoying it is with men still Text like in high school.

You know what i'm talking about& hellip; bad grammar, misspelled words, and useless abbreviations ('2' instead of 'to', 'y' instead of 'why', etc.).

Here's the thing:

It hardly takes time to type in full words instead of abbreviations or to check for errors before sending a text.

Bad spelling / grammar makes a girl think you are too lazy to do these things & hellip; so form the good first impression(that you are a classic, intelligent, determined man) by using the correct grammar when writing.

Good text to send:

'Hello (her name)! Nice to meet you yesterday. You made me boring

Work event is fun. "

The text doesn't have to be complicated (this one has a very simple message) & hellip; it just has to be grammatically correct.

Do not send this text:

'Hey (her name), I had fun at the event, a good 2 meet them.'

7. Text her as she sends you an SMS (mirror it).

The secret code of how a girl expects to receive a text message is right there in their texts. Follow her example on these things:

  1. How much emojis to use
  2. How long should texts be?
  3. How soon should you answer her? (writes it back every 5 minutes, every hour, etc.)
  4. How much she likes to annoy each other

Let them set the tone The easiest Way to meet their expectations.

Good texts to send:

'Hello (her name), How was the concert last night? '

'Where was that great Italian place you mentioned?'

Until you know their tone, you should send these texts: purposeful, interesting and very simple.

Do not send these texts:

'Hello (her name)!!!! How was the concert?!? : D: D ”

'Sup gurrrrl & hellip; & hellip; & hellip; only thinking of you ...'

The tone is too casual, uses too many emojis, and uses too much punctuation. Now: When she starts texting you like this, feel free to adjust to her tone.

Here is another real life example of myself and a guy I met in college:

I actually got this text from a man: 'heyyy babay;););)' I had to ask myself if toman texted me, or a 14 year old girl. I was so turned off that I immediately deleted his number.

8. Text with a purpose

The whole purpose of texting back and forth is this to get a date, right?

So don't send random texts TheDo not help yourself to achieve this purpose. Otherwise she might lose interest in you & hellip; or worse, think that instead of flirting, you are just being friendly.

Now & hellip; Here are some examples of good, convenient reasons for the text:

  • To compliment her (makes her want to go out with you)
  • To entertain them (makes her think you are flirting)
  • To ask her out on a date

But remember:

A targeted text message, even a compliment to her, is meaningless unless you are actually get them to ask.

Good texts to send:

'I was just thinking about you.'

'Guess what just happened & hellip;'

'Do you have a second for me to call?'

All of these texts have one purpose: to make her feel good, to entertain or speak to her in person, and (hopefully) to ask her out on a date.

Do not send these texts:

'It's crazy cold today, isn't it?'

'What's going on?'

None of these texts have any real purpose. They are easy talk for ... sake talk, and don't get any closer to meeting her.

9. Make them wait to hear from you

Girls usually don't want you to write back right away every time but it's not because she wants you to play 'hard to get' & hellip;

& hellip; it's because she wants a man with a job, friends, hobbies, and a life outside to pursue them. Basically & hellip; She wants a man who has better things to do than sit around texting.

Make them wait a while between texts. Don't answer the moment she text you & hellip; Allow about 15 minutes between your answers (then after your first date, adjust her tone / speed)

Good texts to send:

'Look at that & hellip; my buddy got us bungee jumping today! '

(It doesn't have to be bungee jumping, but send her a picture of you

enjoy your hobbies).

'Sorry I didn't answer for a while, work is crazy today.'

Any girl who isn't crazy in need will love seeing you hang up the phone for some fun or more focused on your job.

Do not send these texts:

Each text every five minutes or as soon as she sends you a text message.

Show her that you will have a great life if you don't talk to her!

10. Send her exciting pictures of what you are doing

As I mentioned above, girls want to know you do Have interests outside of talking to them & hellip;

& hellip; and sending exciting pictures is the perfect way to show those interests.

She will be fascinated by your lifestyle, and of course by excited that you want to include her in your fun activities.

Good text to send:

'Guess what I did today!'With a great picture of you doing something

Fun like riding a motorcycle, kayaking, or doing any manly hobby.

Do not send this text:

'I'm bored. What do you do?'

As I mentioned above, she wants to see that you have a life, not that you spend your free time doing nothing.

How to Write a Girl You Like

So far, the tips in this post should help you write copy while figuring out where things are going & hellip;

But once you know you're into them, the game changes completely. You need to know how to text a girl you like.

Texting a girl you like is different from texting a girl you are not sure about because your goals are different. You don't just want to familiarize yourself with her & hellip; You want to show her how you feel and make her feel like you are doing the same.

The ironic thing about these tips is that they can actually result in fewer texts. After all, you won't be texting her while you are with her.

How to write to a girl you like:

11. Compliments to her

Figuring out how to compliment a girl can be difficult. You want to be original and flirtatious, but you also don't want to appear scary.

The best compliments for girls make them feel unique. They show that you recognize the things that make them unique. Use your compliments to demonstrate how thoughtful and attentive you can be.

Good texts to send:

'' I've never seen anyone make friends so easily. You are such a kind, lovable person. "

I love the way your mind works. You are so thoughtful and intelligent

Your eyes are so beautiful. I just can't look away from them when we're together

These texts add something specific to you and show your appreciation for this quality. You show her that you care about her as a whole person, not just an attractive girl.

Do not send these texts:

''You are so funny!''

You looked really hot yesterday

There is nothing wrong with telling a girl that she is attractive or funny, but these texts don't show that you were concerned about it. Compliments that she will really appreciate need to be more personal and specific.

12. Tell her sweet things

We are often taught that Men should be tough and control their emotions. We hear that sweetness, kindness and gentleness are feminine traits.

Nothing could be more wrong.

Not only does this thinking prevent men from being their truest and fullest selves, but it can also keep you from saying the cute things your girl craves.

Sweet things to say to a girl can take many forms. It could be a unexpectedlyCompliment, meaningful quote, or story that you know will appreciate. Just make sure you make your feelings for her clear.

A thoughtful, kind message will be Remind her that you are thinking of her even though you are apart . Such sweet texts will brighten your day and will keep you in your memory for a long time after reading them.

And they will bring you important points.

Make your texts cute, personal and unique. Hug your softer side and you may get some extra hugs from your girl.

Good texts to send:

'No matter how hard I try, I can't stop thinking about you.'

You became so important to me so quickly & hellip; It was completely unexpected, but I am so glad that you are in my life.
I want you to know that you are special to me. Nobody makes me feel like you. "

These texts give her an insight into the way you are feeling. The vulnerability of sharing these sweet feelings will bring the two of you closer together and strengthen their feelings for you.

Do not send these texts:

'My friends all tell me how attractive you are.'

Hey baby Did you miss me?

You're a better kisser than any of my exes.

These texts are meant to be cute but they are missing if you don't mention your feelings for them. Also & hellip; Never compare her to an ex.

13. Show her your good qualities instead of telling her

I understand that you would want to show this girl how funny, well-read, generous, and / or rich you are.

But here's the thing:

you Not I want to learn one of these things through text. Bragging about yourself like this only makes you sound arrogant, and very few girls find arrogant men attractive.

Instead of telling her directly how great you are show them personally. Use SMS to enchant her on a date with you wherever you can show how great you are instead of bragging about yourself straight away.

Good texts to send:

'I would like to take you to dinner.'

"I finished my book last week and can't find a good one & hellip; any

Recommendations? '

“I also love dogs! My favorite weekends are the ones I spend

help out in the dog house. "

These texts imply that you can afford dinner, enjoy reading and volunteering with animals, but don't brag about those things. You focus on them instead of bragging about yourself.

Do not send these texts:

"I just got a million dollar deal with a customer."

'Looks like the charity I support named me a top donor!'

Obviously these texts seem arrogant and desperate for attention & hellip; a great turnoff for girls. Instead of I tell her everything In all respects you are wealthy, well-read, and recognized for generosity. humbly show them in person.

14. Feel free to joke with her, but stay away from inappropriate jokes

I know what you're thinking & hellip; What are inappropriate jokes?

Anything that is sexual, sexist, racist, offensive, or mean.

It is easy for her to misinterpret any of these jokes (You might think you mean business) or you're joking about something she takes very seriously.


Be a classic, timeless manin your texts,not an ordinary, raw man. Show her that you can laugh at yourself and that you don't have to rely on insulting jokes in order to be funny.

Good text to send:

'So you will never believe what I just did & hellip;'

A girl wants someone who can laugh at herself. It shows trust, one of the sexiest traits for women.

Do not send these texts:

Any racist, sexist, sexual, or offensive joke.

If in doubt whether a text is too risky, don't send it. Wait until you spend face-to-face time with a girl to determine her sense of humor and whether she thinks "inappropriate" jokes are funny.

15. Remember things she tells you about herself (family, job, experiences)

Women want to be heard.

& hellip; And it's easy to find a man to do it pretend listen, but much harder to find a man who Really listens and remembers what we say.

In order to:

You can impress a girl by demonstrating that You're the type who remembers what she told you.

It will show her that she is important to you & hellip; that will make her think highly of you (and probably start thinking of you as a friend).

Good texts to send:

'Hello (her name)! Did that annoying customer call you back? "

"Have you ever taken? (Name of your pet) to the park on 5th? '

“Looks like I'm leaving (her hometown) next week on business & hellip;

What are your favorite nightcakes there? "

All of these texts show that you remember important facts about her (her work problems, if she has pets, where she is from, etc.)

Do not send this text:

'You do something in marketing, right?'

If she told you something specific about her life and you don't remember Don't bring it up. The above text sounds like her job Wasn't it worth remembering you and that's a big turnoff.

16. Don't rely on teasing them just to get their attention

I wanted to see the advice available on how to text girls & hellip; So I did some quick searches like 'how to text a girl' and 'good texts to send a girl'.

& hellip; And unfortunately, most of what I saw was little more than Insults,to put them down somehoworwhich means that she is Happy to know you. I was appalled that men are taught to say mean things to girls through text to get their attention.

Guys & hellip; Here's the thing:

After all, girls think men are cowards when they do constantly hide their feelings behind teasing. She wants you to "man" yourself and not be afraid to tell her She is pretty, smart, etc.. And she'll likely compliment you.

Teasing you gently is a great way to build a good relationship, but don't leave you just on teasing to keep their attention.

Good texts to send:

"You are maybe the craziest girl I know & hellip; but when you are so cute

you can be a little crazy. "

Do you see how playful and yet free this text is? This text sounds like a confident man sent it, and women will be love it.

“You haven't seen Star Wars yet ?! This is unacceptable. I'm going

gotta show you what you're missing "

You gently tease her for not watching a movie, but don't call her stupid, lame, or boring because of that. You also came up with a date idea for her!

Do not send these texts:

"You are cute & hellip; for a brunette. I usually go for blondes. "

“We're going to have dinner tomorrow night. Come on I know you are like this

too lame to have better plans. ;) ”

These texts are incredibly offensive. If you put down her looks, call her lame, and give her direct orders ("dinner with me"), she will almost definitely Get turned off by your rudeness.

17. Don't text her all the time when you & hellip;

Girls can get confused by texting all the time & hellip; she will wonder why are you just texting her and not calling.

When a girl starts to like you, she wants you to call and Text, not just text. Here's why:

When you get close to the couple, use SMS less and less to communicate & hellip; Spend more time together physically or on the phone, right?

So don't text her all the time if you can easily move on the next step in a relationship & hellip; vocation.

Good text to send:

"Hey, I'm at home right now & hellip; Can I call her?'

Perfect! Girls who like you want to talk to you. If you don't do anything important while texting, give me a call.

Do not send this text:

'What's going on? I just chill at home. "

If you want to talk to a girl, don't be afraid to pick up the phone and give her a call. Any girl who's into you will love it.

18. Don't suddenly stop texting her

With the above tip:

You should stop writing all the time if you can call her & hellip;

& hellip; but you shouldn't stop texting her all the time without explanation. Think about it like this:

If you have spoken in person, and without explanation, she went away & hellip; what would you think?

You would wonder if you did something wrong, or if you made her boring, or if the girl was just plain rude.

& hellip; And she feels the same way if you stop texting in the middle of a conversation. Look & hellip; don't let them get confused & hellip; Be polite and tell her when to stop texting her.

Good texts to send:

'I'll write to you later - need to prepare for this presentation.'

“Just went to the gym! I will text you later.'

"I'm at the bar with my buddy now. Talk to you tomorrow!"

Treat them with the same texting respect you want them to be. Let her know if you will be silent for a while and she will be grateful to you for it.

Do not send this text:

A long silence right after a long text conversation.

Don't let her wonder if she did something wrong. Be a gentleman and tell her why you are out of touch.

How to write a girl to ask

After all, your relationship should be with the girl you like Move beyond the keyboard and into real life. To get to this point, you need to know how to ask a girl over text.

This is the whole point of SMS.

After you've established a flirtatious relationship with her, use the phone for its intended purpose. and ask them out. These tips can help you use it SMS to get that date.

Here's how to text a girl to ask her:

19. Flirt with her over text

Flirting is your chance show her that you want to be more than just friends. Personal flirting involves your body language and physical touch & hellip; Things that get lost when you text.

This is why you need to know how to flirt with a girl over text.

Keep that playful attitude They would normally have it and channel flirty texts for them into it.

Good texts to send:

'Don't work too hard today. You're going to need some energy when we hang out later. "

I had to change your name on my contacts & hellip; I got way too excited every time your name came up.

Which emoji makes you think of me

These messages are the perfect mix of playful and suggestive. Not only that, by referring to the fact that you are flirting over text, you are showing your winning sense of humor.

Do not send these texts:

'Netflix and Chill?'


Send me a sexy selfie.

These messages completely skip flirting. When texting a girl you really like, make an effort to write a unique message that will make her smile and give her the chance to flirt back.

20. Know how to tell if a girl likes you through text

Here at Mantelligence we've spent a lot of time talking about the sign that a girl likes you.

Unfortunately a lot The signs she shows personally do not work digitally. That said, you need to know how to tell if a girl likes you through text.

Since you can't read her body language, you have to Get your pointers from the way she writes. This is not a secret code that she uses, it's just the natural way a girl will text you if she likes you.

21. Use SMS to get to know them better

Because you know she is interested in getting to know you better (if it weren't for her, she wouldn't still talk to you)You can start to personalize your texts.

Asking her these personal questions signals your interest in getting to know her & hellip;

& hellip; and that makes her feel appreciated & hellip; and Think of yourself as a friend.

PS. Don't use SMS to ask questions also serious & hellip; Check out this post to see which questions are interesting and personal, and which are too serious for early dating.

Good texts to send:

'How is work going today?'

'What part of California did you grow up in?'

'What do you think of the movie last night?'

These questions will help you to get to know their daily work, their childhood and their opinions.

Do not send these texts:


'When did your last relationship end?'

The first text is too boring (and won't help you get to know them) and the second text is way too serious. Keep your text messages light and interesting.

22. Remember when something exciting happens

This tip refers to 'Remember Things She Told You' about, but goes a little further romantically.

Instead of just showing that you remember things about them, send encouraging, "cute" texts (the kind a friend would send) when she mentions something big in her life.

For example:

If she has a test, presentation at work, relative visit, or an exciting night scheduled, Write her an SMS beforehand and wish her all the best. It shows that you want to remember what is going on in your life. and that you are there to support them in the future.

Good texts to send:

'Good luck with your test tomorrow!'

'I hope you and your mother have a great visit this weekend!'

'I know you will knock her over in your presentation!'

These texts are so supportive and encouraging. Any girl would love to receive these from a guy if she needs a little more encouragement.

Do not send this text:


Don't forget to tell her something! Girls want attention, especially when something big is going on.

23. Leave sex out of SMS

Guys, if you're wondering how to text a girl (and flirt with her over text)& hellip; this is important (and really easy):

Tell a girl that she is attractive without sexualizing them. Continue to behave like a gentleman in your writing and never do it these errors:

  • Don't ask for sexy pictures of her until you have physically seen her body.
  • Don't describe what you want to do with her until she has physically got you to do it.
  • Never send her pictures of you without her asking for them.

I can promise you, girls will see each of these actions as a huge turnoff. You feel like a sexual object, not a beautiful, respected woman.

Good texts to send:

'You looked so pretty yesterday!'

'Thanks for a really great date (and a great kiss).'

Let her know she's attractive without sexualizing her. Mention something physical like kissing, but only after this It happened.

Do not send this text:

Anything inappropriate.

Look & hellip; I will not describe any inappropriate text here. If you think it's too inappropriate, it is.

24. Show her the best version of yourself

This tip has two meanings:

  1. Remember be yourself(Don't be 'wrong' about SMS)
  2. Be that best Version of you (Do not write any texts that you should save for a personal conversation.)

The first is simple: don't sound like anyone elseabout text. Just text things you are comfortable withso that it reads out texts Your true self.

But with this:

Dating is all about slowly Share your life with a girl So don't let them know about the text right away. the little things that you should save for later (So ​​you can't wash your lucky jersey during game season, no matter how often you wear it).

Here's the bottom line:

When you're a little stupid, don't hide it. If you want to go into them a little don't hide it. You should be yourself, but don't let her share all of your secrets through text. She will find out them all in time.

Good texts to send:

“I'm in the middle of a Star Wars marathon with some of them right now

Friends & hellip; I guess I'm a complete idiot. "

'I've never met a girl as well as you.'

Show her that you're a sucker and that you like to pounce on her without going overboard (see what “overboard” looks like below).

Do not send these texts:

“One of my biggest fantasies is making out with a girl dressed up as a girl

Princess Leia of the Return of the Jedi. "

'I've actually had a lot of emotional baggage since my ex left me & hellip;'

Even if these texts are true, she doesn't need to know any of this information right away! Slowly reveal your deepest secrets to her.

25. Ask them out & hellip; after no more than two days of texting

You want to date not this girl have a lifelong text relationship(That sounds so boring, doesn't it?).

Knowing that when you text her (more than 10 texts exchanged per day), Don't wait more than two days before asking her out on a date. Here's why you do this:

Girls usually assume that men don't have one realinterest in dating, when you keep texting without asking her.

& hellip; So don't let her write you off before you even have a chance. Get to the point & hellip; Ask them out.

Good texts to send:

'Can I call you after work tonight?'(to ask her during the call)

“Talking to you was really great. We should keep doing this

personal conversation soon & hellip; Do you have any plans for dinner?

Saturday?'(at the end of a day, at most two, SMS)

Do not send these texts SMS after a week:

'You are so funny! But I don't know if I agree with you on XYZ! "

'You're so sweet.'

Compliments / gentle teasing mean nothing without follow-up. She probably texted you off in a week without asking.

26. But remember, don't question them sayYou take them out

Many websites with advice on how to text girls advise you to do this when you ask a girl about text & hellip; toBe brave and direct.

And be partially good advice & hellip; girl do want you to define your time together directly as Date.

But here's the thing:

Most of these websites recommend this for you as well Tell a girl to take her out, instead of she asked (see the following examples). But the truth is & hellip; tell it usually comes across like that intrusive.

Make it clear that you are asking for one date, but remember ask.

PS. This rule applies to questioning a girl about text or on the phone!

Good texts to send:

'Would you like to have dinner this weekend?'

"You said you like tacos & hellip; Where is your favorite taco place?

I can take you with me this weekend. :) ””

See how both texts make it clear that you want a date, but you don't say you what's the plan?

Do not send these texts:

“I'll take you to dinner on Saturday night. Sushi at Nama.

I'll pick you up at 8 "

“Will you be out this weekend? Great! Where can I meet you?'

These texts are way too bold. They assume that she is okay with sushi, that it is free at this point, or that she would like you to join her while she is on the go. Be a gentleman and give you the last word in when, Where, and if They are dating.

How to text a girl after she hasn't returned a text message

SMS has become a huge part of dating because it makes communicating so easy and convenient.

So & hellip; If texting is so simple, why is it? she didn't write back?

That might hurt, but If she didn't send you back, it's because she didn't.

Ghosting is today's version of Reject & hellip; The only thing you can do is get yourself, wipe off, and keep moving.

Don't text messages if you have nowhere to go

This tip on how to text a girl is short and sweet:

If a girl likes you, she has a date with you.

you habit Have endless scheduling conflicts, cancel appointments because things 'show up' at the last minute, or wait days before texting back.

But here is the problem most people encounter:

If a girl Not like you youprobably notTell you& hellip; Girls learn to gently abandon men and find it very difficult to turn down a man with all their might.

Instead, she will subtly let you know that she isn't interested (She will have these scheduling conflicts, cancel appointments at the last minute and no text back).


If she's doing one of these things all the time, she's probably not that into you & hellip; So move on to a girl that it is.

Good text to send:


If she doesn't give you the time of day, go ahead.

Do not send these texts:

"I haven't heard from you for a few days & hellip; are you ignoring me?'

'I miss talking to you. What's going on?'

'Didn't our date go well or something?'

All of these lyrics sound desperate for their attention & hellip; and let's face it, if she's the kind of girl who ignores you, you better deserve it. Let her go and move on to someone else if they ignore your texts for more than 48 hours.

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With all of these tips, you will know how to text a girl at every stage of the relationship.

Knowing how to text girls is one of the most important skills in making a girlfriend. But just because it's important doesn't mean it should be difficult. After all Texting a girl should be fun & hellip; Not stressful.

So, charge your phone and warm your thumbs up. You are now an expert on how to text a girl.