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Even complexion: how to perfect your skin tone!

We have known for a long time that a radiant, even complexion looks great. Scientists have succeeded in finding the cause of this effect: a uniform face color signals youthfulness! The researchers were able to prove that spots, redness and other irregularities in the skin make a woman look older - by up to 20 years!

One thing is certain: an irregular complexion affects our youthful radiance in a similar way to wrinkles. Bad news for all women who suffer from pigment spots, for example. It is estimated that this applies to up to 40 percent of all over 35-year-olds. The good news: We can do a lot immediately and in the long term to achieve a uniform complexion.

Quick help thanks to make-up: the perfect complexion foundation

You can get a grip on light to medium complexion irregularities with the right beauty products and techniques. We'll show you in the video how you can get an even skin tone with step-by-step make-up and tell you what must-have for a perfect complexion.

Video by Heike Schmidt

Step 1: a good moisturizer

The basis for beautifying the complexion is good moisturizing care. Only skin with a full water reservoir is even and can shine. Apply the cream or gel to the cleansed skin and let it soak in briefly.

Step 2: Primer refines the complexion

For a particularly even complexion, you can smooth the surface of the skin with a primer after the care. It creates the optimal basis for the foundation. Special primers for oily skin can prevent quick greasing or increase the luminosity of the complexion. Some primers already contain light-reflecting pigments that scatter the light in such a way that the complexion looks more harmonious and color differences in the skin are neutralized.

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Step 3: concealer for lightening

With the highly pigmented creamy texture of concealers, the dark shadows under the eyes can be perfectly covered. For the game of hide and seek to succeed, the concealer should be a shade lighter than the natural skin tone. That means: Combine yellowish make-up e.g. only with yellow-ground concealer.

Step 4: the right foundation

The next step to your dream complexion: The Foundation. The consistency and skin type must match! For oily skin, be sure to choose an oil-free or mattifying compact make-up - otherwise the complexion will quickly become blotchy. Dry skin needs make-up with a lot of moisture, otherwise the result will be irregular.

Instead of simply rubbing back and forth, you should use a systematic approach: work your way out from the center of your face and from top to bottom. Whether with a sponge, brush or fingers is a matter of taste. The main thing is that you don't put on too much foundation. Instead, work in shifts. So first apply a thin layer of foundation and, if the coverage is not enough, apply another layer.

Important: Avoid the eye area when applying, because concealer is the next step to a perfect complexion!

Step 5: Set the make-up with loose powder

The last step to a perfect complexion is called powder. It mattifies the complexion and sets the make-up. Loose powder can be applied particularly finely. Spread it out with a large brush, working from top to bottom. The direction is crucial, because if powder gets under the fine facial hair, it makes the complexion appear grayish.

Attention: An overly matt complexion does not look even, but unnatural and makes you older. However, when dosed correctly, powder is the perfect finish for make-up and a good complexion freshener in between. If you want to keep your Snow White complexion for a long time, you can fix your work with a special spray.

Even complexion: This is how you can beautify your complexion in the long term

Our skin is constantly renewing itself - with young skin, the process takes about 28 days. During this period, the cells formed inside migrate to the surface, where they become keratinized. However, if the keratinized cells "pile up" on the surface of the skin, the complexion appears dull and coarse. They also make enlarged pores look even bigger than they already are. Peelings provide a remedy here and are therefore an important step on the way to a dream complexion.

SOS tip: A peeling immediately provides more freshness

Peelings remove dead cells from the surface of the skin and make them more even. Mechanical and chemical peelings also stimulate the formation of new cells - this gives the fresh complexion an additional boost.

More mature skin, which tends to have a blotchy complexion or skin with pigment disorders, particularly benefits from intensive chemical peelings (e.g. with glycolic acid), as carried out by specialized beauticians or dermatologists. Depending on the acid concentration and frequency of use, the top layer ('horny layer') of the skin is partially or completely removed and cell renewal is strongly stimulated.

The result: Irregularities in the complexion such as acne scars, pigment spots or large pores can be greatly weakened or even disappear completely in this way. The complexion appears more even and rejuvenated. A comparable result can be achieved with dermabrasion. In this process, tiny crystals remove the top layer of skin and refine the complexion.

Instead of exfoliating, a facial massage can be good for your skin. Here we reveal how it works best: Facial massage: The best instructions for relaxed, smooth skin

Brightening products for an even skin tone

Anyone who wants to get rid of pigment spots without the help of cosmetologists or dermatologists today has a large selection of lightening active ingredients. These substances, some of which are of natural origin, normalize the production of melanin in the skin and thus ensure that the complexion becomes even again.

Products with bleaching hydroquinone are allowed in Germany, but have a reputation for causing lasting damage to the skin. They are only available by prescription. Plant extracts with a bleaching effect (e.g. from yarrow or cowslip) or the active ingredient B-resorcinol are much better tolerated.

Micro-needling for a finer complexion

You can also use effective methods to refine your complexion at the Beauty Doc. So-called micro-needling, for example, is popular. With this method, many small needles pierce the top layer of skin with a dermaroller, which initiates the skin's wound healing process. The aim is for the skin to produce new collagen and elastin, which make it look plumper and smoother again. In this way, lines and wrinkles, but also scars, should appear less noticeable.

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