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The Sims 4 Tiny Houses - Test / Review

What's new in the Sims 4 world? Small houses, really small ones with a size of just 100 tiles. How does this look and play? The best way to find out about that is after the trailer for "The Sims 4 Tiny Houses Accessories Pack"

Small houses are back in trend. Not just small houses, but really small ones. Some of the "tiny houses" are just about the size of a caravan and are therefore not only affordable themselves, but the property does not have to be too big either. Accordingly, EA has now also equipped “The Sims 4” with such living options.

Minimum space, maximum comfort

What do we have to look out for when buying a tiny house? The equipment, of course. There is now a foldaway bed that can be lowered into the wall, as well as a few other mini objects. An entertainment system, for example, that is both a stereo system, television and bookshelf in one.

Such a small house only occupies 100 tiles, which also affects the price. Especially at the beginning, if you don't have a million Simoleons yet, you can move in so quickly and easily. Of course there is no space for a huge pool or the like, but you don't go wild for it.

What's new?

Nice that "The Sims 4: Tiny Houses Accessories" is not limited to objects, but also comes up with some hairstyles, clothes and even a fluffy sweater. There are a total of 34 new pieces of furniture, ranging from the toilet to shelves, lamps, sofas and the multifunctional systems mentioned above.

There are also prefabricated "tiny living rooms" that come with almost 6,000 simoleons. Be careful, however, of the folding bed. If a Sim is under it when it is being opened, it can even die. However, to use the Tiny House properly, there are new lots that will save you real money and still get happy and inspired Sims.

Do I even need that?

With the DLC for "The Sims 4" the question always arises whether the expansion really makes sense. "The Sims 4: Tiny Houses Accessoires" does it when you want to try out what it is like to live in the smallest of living spaces. Tiny houses in particular are very fashionable, which is why some have already thought of living in such a house. Well, with 10 euros you can do this cheaply and the new clothes are not to be despised either.

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