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Inquiry to the "GARDEN OF EDEN" -foundation ltd. Dear Hotline, I upgraded my system from friend 5.0 to husband 1.0 last year and have now noticed that the new program is making unpredictable changes to my account software. Specifically, it limits access to the Clothing, Flowers, and Jewelry programs, all of which worked great under Freund 5.0. There was none of this in your companion manual. In addition, Husband 1.0 uninstalls many other valuable programs such as DinnerDancing 7.5, Cruise 2.3 and Opera Ball 6.1. For this purpose, new, completely pointless programs such as Poker Night 1.3, Saturday Football 5.0, Golf 2.0 and Disorder 4.5 are installed. Konversation 8.0 no longer runs either, instead it crashes the system every time. In no case can I get diaper change 14.1 or house cleaning 2.6 going. I ran Nag 5.3, but even this general purpose program couldn't do much. Please help me!!! Jane Dear Jane, These are fairly common problems reported by women in particular, but they are based on a fundamental misunderstanding. Many people upgrade their system from Freund 5.0 to Husband 1.0 without realizing that Freund 5.0 is primarily a game program. Husband 1.0, on the other hand, is an operating system and was designed by its programmer in such a way that it gets along with as few other programs as possible. In addition, you cannot simply uninstall Husband 1.0 and revert to Friend 5.0, as Husband 1.0 does not. Certain hidden files in your system would cause Friend 5.0 to restore the Husband 1.0 system so you would gain nothing. You cannot delete, uninstall, or otherwise remove Husband 1.0 from your system once it has been installed. New programs can only be installed once a year, as Husband 1.0 can only manage a limited amount of memory. Error messages are normal and an integral part of Husband 1.0. In desperation, some women have tried to get their old favorite programs - or new interesting programs - running again by installing Friend 6.0 or Husband 2.0. Unfortunately, in most cases there were more problems than with Husband 1.0. Read the "Divorce / Maintenance" module in your manual. You will find that this program is very unreliable and only works with the Herzeleid 1.3 software. Our recommendation: stick with Husband 1.0 and learn to deal with the illogical program. Since I have installed Husband 1.0 myself, I recommend carefully studying the chapter General Partnership Errors (AP). This is a great utility that runs hidden in the background and is an integral part of Husband 1.0. Husband 1.0 has to take the ENTIRE responsibility for ALL errors and problems in the use of the program, even if they were triggered by the operator. You call this utility program with the command: "C: \ I_thought_you_love_me". Sometimes, when the command is entered, the program Tears 6.2 has to run in the background so that the utility starts. Husband 1.0 usually responds by starting the programs Sorry 12.3 and Flowers_chokolade 7.8. Tech tip: Do not use this utility too often. Misuse can cause further APs and require you to enter "C: \ Sorry" before Husband 1.0 resumes normal operations. In extreme cases, abuse also causes Husband 1.0 to call the application Grumming for Days 2.5 or, what is even worse, to shut down the system to Schweigsames_Couchhocken 6.0. In this operating state, Husband 1.0 produces fat files and snore music wave files that are difficult to remove from the system. Instead, follow this technical tip: Always remember: The system automatically assumes all responsibility for APs and is largely predictable. Due to this computationally intensive process, Husband 1.0 can only execute the programs to a limited extent that could be started naturally under Freund 5.0. Husband 1.0 is a great program, but it has only a small memory capacity and is only able to learn to a limited extent. With a clever selection of additional software you can increase the system performance enormously. I personally recommend Kochkunst 3.0, Dessous 5.3 and Patience 10.1. If all three additional programs are running at the same time, Husband 1.0 soars to top performance. After a few years you will know Husband 1.0 better and discover many valuable features such as Plumber 2.1, Cuddle 4.2 and Best Friend 7.6. One last warning! Never install Mother-in-Law 1.0 if you have Husband 1.0 enabled. Husband 1.0 is not compatible with this program and will partially shut down the operating system. Only fishing 9.4 and pub 5.2 can then be run. If mother-in-law 1.0 is removed again, husband 1.0 returns to normal operating status. I hope these pointers have helped you. Thank you for purchasing Husband 1.0. We on the hotline wish you every success in the years to come. We are convinced that you will learn to master our product better and better over the years! Best regards, your hotline stolen from [url = http: //www.w-akten.de/funstuff/ehemann.phtml] Willi [/ url]

Answer 1 from Nasivin

Dear government here in the suppinet,

can one (n) such a s.c.h.e.i.s.s. not prevent, or delete immediately?


Answer 2 by Maler281

you don't need to read it.

What, if not, among other things, also for what was read above, is the chat corner then intended?

Greetings from Berlin

Answer 3 by william2

Has someone put on a shoe there?

Answer 4 from anno_58

@ Nasivin,

so bitterly reprimanded
can one (n) such a s.c.h.e.i.s.s. not prevent, or delete immediately?

I wanted to know with which exquisitely formulated contributions a genius like you tried to raise the level in the SN. I actually found what I was looking for.


and here

good as well

My favorite

With such a splendid conversation I can only humbly bow my head and give in.

With great respect


Answer 5 by oliverV

A certain transparency is something nice!

But while we're on the subject, have a look here



Answer 6 from anno_58

Hi OliverV,

Please don't make me a "serial offender" I stole it here before.

Greetings Anno

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