How talented is Grace VanderWaal

America's Got Talent candidate Grace VanderWaal wows America

All of America loves Grace VanderWaal

Casting shows like “American Idol”, “The Voice” or “America's Got Talent” have long been a pretty big deal here in the States. And yes, every now and then the respective winners of the seasons actually take off. Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson ... all “Casting Show Winners” with extremely successful careers. But a little twelve-year-old girl now wants to put all of these stars in the shade.

We're talking about Grace VanderWaal, America's new darling of the TV nation. VanderWaal made headlines back in June after singing a self-written song with a ukulele in a preliminary round of “America's Got Talent”. The girl did her job so well that she not only got a “standing ovation” from the audience, but was immediately promoted to the fourth final by juror Howie Mandel with the help of the “Gold Buzzers”. Even then, Mandel was certain: Grace VanderWaal would be “the next Taylor Swift”.

After a long summer break, the time had come this week: little Grace now had to prove herself again in the quarter-finals. And that live on the stage of the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. And she came, sang and won down the line. Only accompanied by her ukulele, she sang again a song that she had written herself. "Beautiful Thing", a song about her sister Olivia. And the hall raged. Even if the show goes on for a few more weeks and the actual winner will not be announced until mid-September, everyone is already certain: Grace VanderWaal will not only win the race in the end, we will all hear a lot from the girl.

Juror Heidi Klum calls her “one in a million”, her colleague Simon Cowell predicts that her first live performance will be remembered for many years, and Howie Mandel is certain that Grace will be a bigger star than Taylor Swift . Sure, the jury members are paid for the adulation on their own show, but in this case they might actually be right. Because little Grace VanderWaal is actually so special and her voice so unique that she could take the music industry by storm. The US media already has it under control. From the American "Teen Vogue" to gossip websites like "Hollywood Life" or "Just Jared" to big tabloid shows like "Entertainment Weekly", they all report on the talented student.

And Taylor Swift may actually have to prepare for competition. Because in the first interviews Grace revealed that she too is inspired by love relationships when writing songs. However, these are still love relationships that she only knows from films, according to the cute twelve-year-old;). Grace VanderWaal - definitely a name to remember!

Jessica Mazur sends greetings from Lalaland.