How do I talk to ghosts

Contact to the afterlife: what to look for when talking to ghosts

photographed by Alexandra Gavillet; modeled by Leal Zielinska; produced by Lorenna Gomez-Sanchez.
If you ask me, it's really good that not everyone can hear ghosts - I wouldn't want to drive past a cemetery and hear the voices of hundreds of the dead. But there are people who are similar to Jennifer Love-Hewitt in Ghost Whisperer, Not only can we hear the deceased from the afterlife, we can even speak to them. This talent makes them an important link between the here and the there. But how do they manage to establish contact with the other world without conjuring up evil beings? And could you perhaps learn this gift?
The medium Elizabeth Owens will answer these and other questions about necromancy in the following so that you do not embark on this spiritual journey completely inexperienced. Because one thing is certain: establishing a connection with the spirit world can even be dangerous if you do the wrong thing! I only say poltergeister ...
First and foremost, it must be clear to you that contact with the other world is not immediately possible for every person who tries it, says the expert. But that shouldn't stop you from trying! “Basically it's a special gift, but there are a few things you can learn for this process.” But how do you know if you might not have this talent after all? One sign that you have an innate ability to connect with ghosts is when they sometimes appear to you in your everyday life, says Owens.
But regardless of whether you have this connection to spirits or not, Owens says, a lot of practice and further training in the subject is the key to communicating with the supernatural. Read books on the topic and, more importantly, find a mentor who can introduce you to the intricacies of communicating with ghosts. "Training with a medium is necessary so that you can develop an ethical understanding, understand what is happening to you, and recognize what kind of spirit your connection is," says Owens. Even if you just want to try it for fun, it's best to ask an experienced medium for tips.
For the record, you may find yourself having a one-way conversation the first few times, and that can be frustrating. “We can talk to them. Whether we hear from them is another question, ”says Owens. “That takes training.” But be patient and open-minded. Just lean back and internalize what you feel - maybe the room temperature will change, maybe your mood will change, maybe you hear noises coming from apparently empty parts of your house. These are all signs that a ghost may be around. But even if you don't notice any paranormal activity, you can still try to send a message.
Owens thinks it might be easier to get in touch with a deceased loved one because you know the person better and have a clearer picture of them than your favorite dead celebrity, for example. You can focus on a specific question you want to ask about the afterlife, or you can simply send a message of greeting and comfort to your loved ones. After that, look for evidence that your message has been heard. These can be very subtle signals (the scent of your grandmother's perfume wafts in the air, your uncle's clock, which he bequeathed to you, suddenly reappears in another place in the house).
And if you want to try a nightly Ouija board session with your friends, Owens warns against labeling the board as a little gimmick. According to the expert, these paranormal contact boards are anything but a harmless party game. “You are opening your soul to all of the supernatural beings out there. And the spiritual world doesn't just hold your loved ones ready for you. If you try to make contact with ghosts with an Ouija board, then have positive thoughts, because like attracts like, in other words: Good vibes bring you friendly spirits, ”explains Owens. The medium also advises saying a prayer before an Ouija board meeting and asking for spiritual protection from evil. Just to be on the safe side.