Is Prince William left-handed

Prince William: The prince does that with his left hand

by Karen Diehn
In our column "Royals Inside" we report on the noble houses of the world - today, on International Left-Handed Day, about royal left-handers like Prince William

Today there is something to celebrate: there was no royal engagement, pregnancy or wedding in one of the royal houses. That's why today is World Left-Handed Day! And because, statistically speaking, ten to 15 percent of the population are left-handed, there are of course princes and princesses among the royals who do everything with their left hand. Prince William is one of them. That is why the prince is certainly familiar with the problems left-handed people have to deal with, who have to deal with writing implements, scissors and even can openers that are designed for right-handed use. When the number two of the British line of succession picks up a pen to immortalize his name in guest books, he does so (of course) with his left hand - and always has to bend a little.

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Left-handedness runs in the Windsors family: even Prince Williams' great-grandfather George VI. should actually have been left-handed. However - as reported by "" among others - it was forced to use the right hand when writing and retrained. Such measures were not uncommon in the past. Another left-handed woman with the Windsors is Countess Sophie von Wessex, wife of Prince Williams' uncle Edward. Queen Elizabeth, on the other hand, writes with her right, as does Prince Consort Philip.

Will Prince William's son George make his first attempts at writing with his left hand in a few years? So far you can see the one-year-old grabbing various things with both hands - it's twice as easy as it is. In June, the crawling miniroyal grabbed a polo stick with his right hand. But is that a sign that he - like his mother Catherine - is actually right-handed? It may be a little early to judge. After all, the little prince is just starting to walk.

The Swedish king's son Carl Philip is also left-handed. He also signs with his left, for example when he visited Hamburg in 2008. The two left-handed princes are in good company: incumbent US President Barack Obama is left-handed, and so is one of his predecessors, Bill Clinton.