How can I publish the forum

Dear Jessica,

Welcome to the world of authors, and I would also like to congratulate you on the result of a hair-raising, tedious work: your manuscript!

Since I am not a self-publisher and I have no plans to publish a book this way in the near future, I would not be a good advisor for you. Dorit, however, so I'm happy that she has already "pounced on you".

However, there is one thing I would like to consider: As a self-publisher, you will only rarely manage to be present in stationary bookstores. And if so, then only in those stores where you speak to the retailers personally. Booksellers usually do not list self-publishers. Perhaps it would still be worth considering whether it might not make more sense to go through an agency or a publisher.

Dorit's reference to the editing and a professionally designed book cover (front and back cover!) Is extremely important! A finished manuscript (is yours still raw or edited?) Is usually not yet ready for publication. Has it already been checked by a professional or is at least a good Duden correction (software pearls such as Papyrus Author, Patchwork or Softmaker Office Pro can do something like that) "run over it"? As far as covers are concerned, I can give you tips (just send me a PM), you can find editors in the authors' world under "Literature". It costs something, but in most cases there will be no success in the book without proofreading.

I would also like to read the "few words" in the introduction thread, and your profile still needs to be filled

Good luck with your story!

best regards