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10+ Best Email Tracker (Email Tracking Software) for Gmail and Outlook Users

10 best email trackers

A Brief Introduction to the Best Email Tracker in 2021:

Email tracking is generally required or used for the follow-up process. The email tracking software is of great use when emails are sent in bulk.

What does email tracking tell us? What factors will you learn from tracking an email?

Let's examine the answers to these questions as we proceed with this article.

Below is a list to answer the above questions:

  • Who opened the email?
  • When did it open?
  • Where was it opened from? You will get to know the place.
  • How many times was the email opened?
  • Which device was the email opened from?
  • What links were opened from the email?
  • Which attachments were opened?

By tracking an email, you can be sure that the emails will be delivered to the inbox and not the spam folder. You will also learn that the emails will not be blocked.

What you will learn:

Who uses the email tracking system?

The system is most beneficial for:

  • Marketer
  • Executives
  • Recruiter
  • Customer care and
  • Sales professionals

How does the email tracking system work?

Each email tracking tool inserts a very small 1 * 1 size image into an email. When the email with this tracking pixel image is opened, you will be notified automatically.

Limitations of these trackers

The various restrictions are listed below:

  • It won't work if the email recipient is using the ad unit.
  • When the 'Ask me before viewing external images' option is checked.
  • Some security systems can prevent these images from loading.

All of these options will prevent the tracking pixel image from loading and preventing you from receiving a notification.

Email tracker for Gmail users

  • HubSpot
  • MailTrack
  • Yesware
  • boomerang
  • Banana Day
  • Mixmax
  • reply
  • groove

Email tracker for Outlook users

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List of the most popular email trackers in 2021

Below is a list of the best email tracking and monitoring software available on the market.

Comparison of the Top Email Tracking Software

Tool nameEmail serviceequipmentpriceInstallation or access

Any email serviceWindows, Android, Mac and iOS.Starter: $ 12 / user / month, Growth: $ 24 / user / month and $ 40 / user / month.Subscription based.

Gmail & Outlook, other email clientsiOS & AndroidYou can install it for free.
Starter plan: $ 50 per user / month
Subscription based.

GmailAndroid (Paid Feature)Free for unlimited emails. Monthly: $ 4.99 / month
Quarterly: $ 3.99 / month
Annually: $ 2.49 / month
Browser extension. Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge.

Gmail & OutlookAndroid devices. App for Office 365.Pro: $ 12 per user / month
Premium: $ 25 per user / month
Enterprise: $ 55 per user / month.
Free trial available.
Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox extension

GmailiOS & Android30 day trial version for Boomerang Professional
Personal: $ 4.99 per month
Pro: $ 14.99 per month, Premium: $ 49.99 per month.
Subscription based.
Banana Day

Gmail & Outlook, other email clientsiOS and Android devicesFree for 5 emails a day. Pro: $ 10 / month
Teams: $ 20 / month. Paid annually.
Subscription based.

Let's explore !!

# 1) seller

Seller is an all-in-one sales solution that teams use to keep track of your emails so you can close opportunities faster. Keep all of your information in one central place to help you stay organized.

All emails are tracked by contact and company, so that every member of your team has complete transparency about the conversions discussed. If you're looking for a sales tool to keep track of your emails, then you should try Salesmate for your business.

  • Developed by: Rapidops Inc.
  • Type: Private
  • Headquarters: Charlotte, NC
  • Initial release: 2016
  • Operating systems: Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone / iPad.
  • Deployment Type: Cloud based
  • Language support: English
  • Number of employees: 200
  • Price: Salesmate has three pricing plans. Starter ($ 12 per user / month) Growth ($ 24 per user / month) and ($ 40 per user month)

Key Features

  • Sales automation
  • Sales reporting
  • Built-in calls & SMS
  • Power dialer
  • Email tracking
  • Pipeline management
  • Sequences (Sales Drip Campaigns)
  • Email tracking
  • Shared team inbox

Other properties

  • You can use the CRM software to manage and track business.
  • You can collaborate with the team through the shared team's inbox.
  • You can save text templates and send bulk messages.
  • You can make and receive calls from within the CRM.


  • Affordability
  • Easily customizable
  • Easy to use
  • Best-in-class automation
  • Advanced reporting


  • Does not have any custom formula fields.
  • Third party integration required for contact enrichment.
=> Visit the Salesmate website

# 2) HubSpot

HubSpot Pricing: There is also a free plan along with the paid plans. The paid plans include Starter ($ 50 per month), Professional ($ 400 per month) and Companies ($ 1200 per month).

Best for: It is sales software. For email tracking, the system works for Gmail, Outlook, G Suite and Office 365.

fake email and password that works


  • The system gives you real-time notifications when an email is opened.
  • It provides the main character's story. You will learn which links, documents and emails they open.
  • It's a sales software with a lot of features like calls, meetings, documents, Salesforce integration, reporting and a lot more.

Judgment: HubSpot offers sales automation software and CRM system. HubSpot offers the function for integration into HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Marketing. The system is easy to use. HubSpot CRM has good reviews from users.

=> Visit the HubSpot website

# 3) MailTrack

Price: There is a free plan with unlimited emails.

You'll need to opt for paid plans to get more features like full metrics for email. It offers you three plans, i.e. Per month ($ 4.99 / month), Quarterly ($ 3.99 / month) and Yearly ($ 2.49 / month).

Best for: It's an email tracking system for Gmail. It can be used with four popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.

It can work for Gmail on Android devices. But it's a paid feature.


  • Simple tool. Only the green check marks are displayed when the email is read by the recipient.
  • Here you can find out when the email was opened.
  • You will also receive information about the device from which the email was opened.

Judgment: Perfect tool for small businesses and freelancers. The real-time email tracking system works as expected and has really good reviews from users.


# 4) Yesware

Price: There are three plans that include: To the ($ 12 per user / month), bonus ($ 25 per user / month) and Companies ($ 55 per user / month). A free trial is also available.

Best for: It's an email tracking system for Gmail and Outlook. It offers an app for Office 365. The system offers the best e-mail tracking functions.


  • Creation of email templates.
  • Automatic tracking of open and reply rates.
  • It has a meeting planner.
  • It offers easy integration with Salesforce email and calendar.
  • It gives you the opportunity to create personalized campaigns.

Judgment: You get many more features with email tracking. It also offers many details for email tracking such as link clicks, opening attachments and page views of presentations. This tool will help you identify the best news.


# 5) Boomerang

Price: Boomerang offers a free basic plan. There are three other plans. personally ($ 4.99 per month), To the ($ 14.99 per month) and bonus ($ 49.99 per month).

Best for: It's an email tracking system for Gmail. It offers an app for iOS and Android devices.


  • Schedule the time to send an email.
  • Email reminders.
  • The response tracking feature allows you to set the time. If there is no response within a certain time interval, the system will remind you of this.
  • Salesforce or CRM integration with premium plans

Besides the list above, it has a few other features as well.

Judgment: The free plan has a good number of features but is limited in the number of emails. It also offers iOS and Android apps with a free plan. This plan is very good for trying out the system. Boomerang has an assistant to help you create actionable emails in real time.


# 6) Banana day

Sample test cases for web applications

Price: It's free for 5 emails / day. There are also monthly and yearly plans.

Monthly plans: Pro ($ 12.50 / month) and Teams ($ 25.50 / month). Annual plans: Pro ($ 10 / month) and Teams ($ 20 / month) are paid annually.

Best for: It's an email tracking system for Gmail and Outlook. It can track emails on iOS, Android, Mac Mail, and Outlook for Mac.


  • Email tracking.
  • Here you can set the time for sending e-mails.
  • It offers email templates.
  • You can also track attachments.
  • It offers you analysis and reports as shown in the following picture:

Judgment: This system supports many email clients.

Website:Banana Day

# 7) Mixmax

Price: You can install it for free.

There are four plans, i.e. Starter ($ 9 per user / month), Small business ($ 24 per user / month), growth ($ 49 per user / month) and Companies (Custom pricing). These are the prices if you are billed annually. Monthly plans are also available.

Best for: This system works for Gmail, Google Inbox, Google Calendar, Salesforce, and Pipedrive.


  • It can automatically keep track of all new emails if you have the option selected.
  • Meeting planning with just one email.
  • It contains templates for creating an email.
  • You can specify a time at which an e-mail should be sent later.
  • The system also shows who has opened the e-mail for group e-mails (see figure below):

Judgment: The system is rich in functions. In addition to email tracking, it has a lot of features like custom branding, undoing, and surveys.


# 8) Answer

Price: A free trial is available for 14 days.

It has three plans, i.e. Individually ($ 50 for contacting 200 people. This is for one user.), business ($ 200 for 3 licenses, $ 300 for 5 licenses, and $ 500 for 10 licenses. All of these prices are per month.) And Market leader (Contact company).

Best for: This system works best for Gmail. It offers a plugin for Gmail. This system can be used for inbound sales, outbound sales, account based sales, HR & recruiting, business development, PR & link building.


  • The email sorting feature uses AI technology.
  • It offers many collaboration features such as team workload management, account-based selling, campaigns and prospects.
  • It offers detailed campaign statistics.
  • In addition to email tracking, it has many features like contact management, direct calls, email validation, and CRM integration.


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# 9) Groove

Price: Contact the company for pricing information.

Best for: The system is best suited for sales teams. The system offers bidirectional integration into Salesforce. The system can also be updated with the Salesforce records while retaining the Gmail account.


  • It offers account-based sales functions.
  • It offers actionable analytics.
  • It provides sales team insights that let you know how much time the team spent on demos or support calls.
  • You can synchronize the e-mail and the calendar with the system.

Judgment: It helps in tracking the outcome and also in data-driven decisions. It offers seamless integration for Gmail and Salesforce. The system is also easy to use.


# 10) LeadBoxer

Price: Contact the company for pricing information.

Best for: The system is used to track email campaigns, individual emails, newsletters and digital mailings. This system is used to gain knowledge of website and e-mail behavior.


  • Automatic collection of visitor information.
  • Setting alarms using Smart Lists.
  • Use of big data technology for filters.
  • Adjust the lead score.

Judgment: The system can be integrated into several popular software.

Website: LeadBoxer

# 11) reach

Price: Contact them for the pricing details.

Best for: Outreach is a sales platform. It works with Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, and Salesforce. In addition to this integration, the system can be integrated into many popular software. It's best for businesses of all sizes.


  • Sequencing emails and calls.
  • Integration with Salesforce and Inbox.
  • Data management.

Judgment: It is a powerful and easy to use platform for sales activities. It has good reviews for the email sequencing feature.


# 12) SalesHandy

SalesHandy prices: There is a free plan that allows you to keep track of an unlimited number of emails. Three other plans are available, i.e. Regular ($ 9 per user per month), More ($ 22 per user per month) and Companies ($ 49 per user per month). All of these plans are billed annually.

Best for: SalesHandy offers email tracking for Gmail and Outlook. It offers an app for Office 365. It can be used on Android devices. The system is best suited for sales professionals, marketers, recruiters, bloggers, brokers, and freelancers.


  • Attachment tracking.
  • Automated email tracking.
  • Email scheduling.
  • Notification when emails are opened.
  • You can personalize the email campaigns.

Judgment: The system offers integration with G Suite. SMTP integration is provided with paid plans.


These email monitoring tools are beneficial for the follow-up processes. Almost all of the top email tracking software work with Gmail.

Some of the email trackers that work for Outlook are SalesHandy, Outreach, and HubSpot Sales.

So far we've seen why email tracking matters, who benefits most, how the email tracking system works, and what limitations the email tracking system has.

MailTrack, Bananatag, Boomerang, SalesHandy, and HubSpot Sales all have a free plan. Some offer an unlimited number of emails and some offer a limited number of emails. All of these paid plans too.

Overall, we recommend HubSpot sales for the best email tracking features!

Hope you have chosen a suitable email tracking tool for your business from the list above!

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