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The RIMPAC is the world's largest multinational sea maneuver.
RlMPAC is the world's largest multinational maritime exercise.

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Forget the World Cup, this is it the RIMPAC-Cup Finals.
In the Pacific is the Rimpac-2014 in progress, the largest maritime maneuver in the world, against China and Russia at the same time: 25,000 soldiers from 22 countries with 55 ships and 200 fighter planes take part under US command.
In the Pacific Rimpac 2014 is now taking place. This is the word's largest maritime exercise, directed against China and Russia. Under U.S. command, 25,000 soldiers from 22 countries with 55 ships and 200 warplanes are participating.
Took in the summer of 2008 the Ship at the maneuver RIMPAC in the waters off Hawaii.
China is involved in some training measures, but is explicitly excluded from others; his future participation in RIMPAC is being questioned.
Thousands of sailors on countless ships come to Hawaii for the RIMPAC.
Thousands of sailors on dozens of ships are coming to Hawaii for RlMPAC.
RIMPAC is a military ballet in which 14 naval forces take part.
RlMPAC is a military ballet of 14 navies ... 20,000 Navy personnel.
US NAVY BATTLESHIP U.S.S. MISSOURI - "MIGHTY MO" I welcome you all to the international fleet maneuver RIMPAC.
First off, I'd like to welcome you all to the RlMPAC International Naval War Games.
The same countries, as well as Japan, the other six members of the G-7, will be in the Pacific, also under US command, on the RIMPAC Participate in 2018, the world's largest anti-China naval exercise.
The same six members of the G7, plus Japan, will be participating in the Pacific, still under US command, in Rimpac 2018, the largest naval exercise in the world, aimed at China.
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