Where can I buy a unique product

Marketplaces for homemade things

You make your products at home, why not sell them from home? Internet shopping is booming. Before you start planning your own online shop, we recommend that you start selling your products on an online marketplace for homemade things. A large number of customers who are interested in individual and unique products browse there. Just open your own handmade shop there.

After the best known online marketplace in Germany, DaWanda, ceased operations on August 30, 2018, Etsy took over this leading role in Germany. But there are other alternatives.


The online marketplace Etsy* has its roots in the USA and therefore appeals to a large number of US customers. In Germany, Etsy was not as well known as DaWanda. The level of awareness here in this country is growing from year to year. With DaWanda recommending to its sellers and buyers to switch to Etsy, the level of awareness in Germany will now skyrocket. Etsy looks very tidy, pleasing and well structured. Setting up your own handmade shop is quite easy.

Etsy charges a fixed price of $ 0.20 for listing a product. A commission of 5 percent of the total cost of the item and shipping is paid to Etsy on sale. An additional payment fee of 4 percent + 0.30 euros is charged for using Etsy Payments. Sales tax is also calculated on all fees.

In order to increase the attention of your products, you can book advertising measures on Etsy. This will give you, for example, a good homepage placement for sponsored products. Not only the number of customers but also the number of competitors is very high on Etsy. As a result, there is strong price competition among suppliers of comparable products. For your success it is therefore important that your products are as unique and individual as possible.

Amazon Handmade

Amazon is also offering Amazon Handmade* an online marketplace for handmade products. Sellers who want to sell their products via Amazon Handmade must first apply there. Amazon then first checks the products. In the event of a positive decision, you will receive an invitation to participate in the online marketplace.

When selling, Amazon Handmade requires a sales fee of 12 percent, at least 0.30 euros. Until December 31, 2019, Amazon will waive the calculation of the monthly subscription fee of 39 euros. All fees are exclusive of sales tax.


The online marketplace is another alternative Palundu at. We are curious to see whether Palundu can also benefit from the closure of the DaWanda online marketplace and expand its previously less familiarity with sellers and buyers. For the sale of handmade products at Palundu you need a premium membership, which is available from 5 euros per month. There are no additional fees for the sale of the products.


On the sales portal of Selekkt you can also buy and sell handmade items. Selekkt describes itself as a marketplace for young design. You can find beautiful and high quality designer products there. Creative people who want to sell their products there must first apply. If your application is accepted, a one-time setup fee of 99 euros has to be paid. When you sell your products, Selekkt receives a sales commission of 25 percent (plus sales tax) and a flat-rate transaction fee of EUR 0.90.


In July 2018 is productswithlove.de launched to position itself as a DaWanda alternative. The former DaWanda advertising slogan “Products with Love” probably inspired the naming here. A sales commission of 3 percent is charged for sales on this online marketplace. A separate shop with up to 50 articles is free of charge. If you want to offer more than 50 articles, you will be charged a monthly fee of 5 euros.


The online marketplace has existed since November 2016 Kayamo. Kayamo describes itself as an online marketplace with a love of detail, where buyers and sellers are brought together who are enthusiastic about things that have been lovingly designed, homemade, extraordinary, unique and simply beautiful. You will mainly find products from the areas of jewelry, Fashion, Accessories and living.

Kayamo charges a sales commission of 10 percent for using the sales platform including all PayPal, credit card or other bank fees. There are listing and re-listing fees of 0.10 euros per item with a term of 6 months.


It is not enough that a marketplace for homemade things looks nice. What is important is the range on the Internet, i.e. the number of visitors to the website. We use the to compare the range of the portals Alexa Rankfrom the company Alexa Internet is determined.

With the Alexa Rank, the determined number of visitors is evaluated and in this way the most visited Internet pages are determined. We were able to determine the following ranking figures (as of April 29, 2019) for the marketplaces:

Alexa Rank in Germany

Incidentally, the website of the search engine Google, which has an Alexa Rank of 1, has the most visitors. The smaller the Alexa Rank, the better, the higher the ranking, the fewer visitors a website has.