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Inbound Marketing Tactics - These Are Successful

Inbound Marketing: The strategy of appearing as a company where customers look has been proven to be more effective than just sending advertising messages. By distributing image-promoting, but not obviously advertising-oriented content, interested parties can be targeted and won over as customers.

Inbound marketing - this is how it works

Inbound marketing represents a cost-effective and effective way to anchor the company and its products in the consciousness of the target group in the long term.

Clever positioning of selected content, which is then distributed further by customers or interested parties, enables an increase in the company's reputation and the generation of additional sales.

To now optimally target group-oriented Tactics for inbound marketing activities The company should be able to clearly define some customer-related parameters.

First of all, the question arises as to the successes achieved so far in conventional marketing - online and offline:

  • How many visitors does the company website have per month?
  • How large is the number of specific inquiries?
  • How many contracts will this result in?
  • What turnover does it generate?
  • What about the level of awareness of the company?
  • How many Twitter followers and Facebook fans does the company have?

Knowing your target group and their interests is important

What properties do potential customers particularly value in the products on offer, what makes the company unique and unmistakable in the eyes of the target group? Which keywords are usually used to search for the company's products or services?

Special product and company advantages should be listed in bold keywords. After all, the budget is what Inbound Marketing Activities is available, to be specified in detail, whereby it should be noted that inbound marketing should never be used in isolation, but should always be used as part of a specific marketing strategy.

Inbound Marketing Tactics - These Are Successful

In the following we show you successful inbound marketing tactics that you can implement in your company:

  • Lead generation white paper
    Put a whitepaper on your site that provides content that is helpful to your customers. To download the whitepaper, provide a form in which interested parties must provide their contact details. The contact details will be passed on to sales.
    Aim: They generate leads that can be processed further by sales.
  • Case story to convince interested parties
  • Publish case stories with a success reference and make them available to existing interested parties (e.g. email, newsletter or sales prospects).
    Aim: Interested parties who are currently in the decision-making phase for a purchase can be convinced for their own company.
  • Customer acquisition webinar
    Host webinars in which you explain a topic and position yourself as an expert. This enables you to get in direct contact with potential customers and speak to decision-makers in order to generate orders.
    Aim: Gain new clients

Always watch out for a clearly visible call-to-action!

A call-to-action button takes your customers to a landing page where your content can be downloaded. The button must be clearly visible, stand out from the design of the website and prompt action. Example: "Download the whitepaper here for free" or "Request it now for free."

For the implementation of Inbound Marketing Activities In any case, a corresponding time frame must be provided, and it is also recommended that specific goals be defined for the individual campaigns and that goal attainment be checked on an ongoing basis.

Embedded in a comprehensive marketing concept, is strategic Inbound marketing an important pillar in the management of customer relationships.

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