A safe reduces home insurance

Home insurance - 11 important points to protect your home

5. How do you change home insurance?

If the home insurance is to be changed, it is advisable to first get one inventory to make: Is the previous sum insured still sufficient or are in the meantime expensive acquisitions have been added? Accordingly, various offers should be obtained using a comparison portal.

Before taking out the new policy should be checked, too when the insurance can be changed at the earliest. Usually the termination is in each case at the end of the insurance year possible. How long the ordinary notice period is depends on why the notice is being given. If it is simply a matter of changing the provider, one applies Notice period of three months at the end of the contract. For example, if the contract year ends on November 30th, the cancellation must be received by the insurer by August 31st.

It is different when the tariff becomes more expensive. Then intervene Special right of termination and the period is reduced to one month after receipt of the tariff increase. Extraordinary termination is also possible in these cases:

  • When couples move in together and both have home insurance. The most recently concluded contract can then be terminated. Important: If the contract continues, the partner must be entered.
  • After a claim settlement. However, it must be noted that the insurer withholds the premium. So it does not necessarily make sense to make use of the special right of termination in this case.
  • When moving, if the insurance premium increases due to a change to a less favorable tariff zone.

The termination must be given to the insurer communicated in writing - either by post or by e-mail. Comparison portals and some providers offer one for this Exchange service via a cancellation form which can be easily filled out. Sometimes the provider sends the cancellation directly to the previous insurer, sometimes the form can be used to print out the cancellation and send it to the previous insurer yourself.