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Streamcloud.me: is the video hoster legal or illegal?


What is Streamcloud.me? Finally, various websites such as kinox.to, kkiste.to or movie4k.to link to the streaming website streamcloud.me. Countless copyrighted video content such as movies or current top series can be streamed here. The question we ask and answer is: Is Streamcloud.me legal or illegal and what alternatives are there?

What is Streamcloud?

In contrast to the relevant streaming portals kinox.to or movie4k.to, Streamcloud is a platform for sharing your own videos with others. After registering for free, you can upload your own videos, play them via a web browser and make a link available to others. Until some time ago, the portal could only be reached under the domain extension .eu.

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What makes Streamcloud so successful?

You can make money with Streamcloud. Streamcloud offers you cash benefits of up to 40 US dollars as soon as a video of you has been viewed 10,000 times. This principle works so well that streamcloud.eu is now one of the 50 most frequently accessed websites in Germany. Streaming via Streamcloud is free and usually works without stuttering and in good image quality. The website does not offer its own search for videos.

Be careful with these streaming portals!
Be careful with these streaming portals!

What is "obviously illegal" and what is not

In a ruling by the European Court of Justice (EUGH) in April 2017, the legal framework for viewing copyrighted material via stream was redefined. Those who watch "obviously illegal" streams are now liable to prosecution. Even with a cursory glance at the streamcloud.me homepage, it is noticeable that the latest cinema blockbusters are just a click away in high quality. In this case, an obvious illegality can be assumed.

The case is different with portals such as YouTube or Vimeo. Here, too, despite careful checks by Google, it can happen again and again that actually illegal films end up on the platform. Since YouTube is not known as a haven for illegal cinema films, you can assume that you can hardly be prosecuted legally. The lawyer Christian Solmecke provides important information on this in the video included below.

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Streamcloud streams are stuttering - what to do?

However, the private content uploaded by users is not affected. So it is quite possible to watch legal content via Streamcloud.me. And here there are often problems, such as jerky or stuttering playback of the streams. The reasons for this or for interruptions with longer phases of reloading can be varied. First check your internet speed with our speed test. For smooth playback you should have at least a bandwidth of 1 Mbit / s for videos in SD and 5 Mbit / s in HD resolution. Also, make sure that no further downloads are carried out in order not to overload the line.

Another reason for problems could be to be found on the server side. The best thing to do is to ask our malfunction reporter. At peak times, millions of users stream via Streamcloud, whose server capacities are limited. Possible solutions could be to preload a stream before playback starts or try again at a different time of day.

Weak hardware can also cause difficulties during playback of a stream. A full hard disk can cause problems for the computer when it is played back because the hard disk works more slowly.

Another approach is to use an alternative web browser. You can find the downloads of current and common alternatives in our download archive. If none of these options lead to success, you should check whether there is an update for your graphics card.

Videos won't play

There are various error messages that appear instead of a selected video. If the message "Error loading skin: Incompatible player version" appears, you can press the small arrow to the right of "Video Player" below the video and select "Flash Player" instead of "HTML5".

If you get the message "Error loading media: File could not be played", it could have happened that the uploader of the video has removed the corresponding file. Here it is worth calling up the streaming portal you are using and making a second attempt, as several channels are often offered.

Every now and then it can happen that Streamcloud is temporarily unavailable due to maintenance work, server overload or other reasons. These problems are usually resolved within a few hours.

Is streaming via streamcloud.me dangerous for my PC?

Many streaming portals and video hosters are suspected of smuggling viruses or other malicious software onto computers. Since streamcloud.me is one of the most widely used video streaming hosts, it is definitely also interesting for cyber criminals and hackers. Therefore, you should make sure that you have up-to-date antivirus software installed on your computer. If you still notice changes after a stream, we recommend using the free software "Spybot Search & Destroy", which can get rid of harmful software afterwards.

What alternatives are there to streamcloud.me?

There are plenty of mostly legal and safe alternatives for streaming movies, series and documentaries. This includes paid subscriptions from Maxdome, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Co. You can find a detailed comparison test here. The alternatives also include completely free offers. We have put together a corresponding overview for you.

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