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Sateles pupil in danger
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Where have Scourge and Kira been in the past few years? At first they probably hunted for the hidden body of Vitiates, which they destroyed around the same time as KotET Chapter IX, but then they fell into a coma and had to be rescued by Satele Shan and her followers. The catastrophe took its course when Satele and Co succumbed to a mysterious disease that they began to telepathically connect to a swarm consciousness. Only former victims of Vitiates remained immune. Kira and Scourge unceremoniously loaded Satele and her disciples onto a remote-controlled freighter and let it drift nowhere until they found a solution to the problem.

The setting for 6.1 or 6.2 has already been created. The only question is, when does it start? Probably 2020, but hopefully not until April or May like Ziost after 3.0 or Iokath after 5.0. And what will it be, a Daily or Flashpoint? The latter could be too spoiler-heavy, but would ensure the uniqueness of the story. The question is how successful BioWare was with the 5.0 Flashpoints. I think implementation as a daily area is less likely, unless Satele's transporter crashes unexpectedly and infects a village. This possibility reminds me a little of Ziost and at least there should be opponents for a daily area who are still walking around after the disaster.

How could that happen?

Power is a mystery and the narrators can do whatever they want, even if there is a Lucasfilm Story Group in place to make sure that SWTOR adheres to some basic rules despite its uncanonical status. So the answer to all questions is, it was power or it was the Midichlorians.

If you still want to make an educated guess, then you should take a look at Vitate's career. The body destroyed by Scourge and Kira was the one with which he once wiped out Nathema's entire population and also faced Revan. Vitate's body probably stored the life energy it had absorbed for the longest time, which is why it spoke with a considerable echo, as if it were also speaking to the voices of its victims.

Separating body and mind is something that has rarely happened in the lorry up to now. In Revan's case, his consciousness split and Revan's body became a kind of zombie. Vitiate, however, left nothing in its original body. Theoretically, Vitate's body was just an empty and harmless shell. Nevertheless, this body must still have been alive, so that it had to be killed and not just destroyed. It is very likely that Vitate's body was something like immortal, had it not been forcibly terminated this immortality. So it might have been possible to gain possession of Vitiates body and former immortality with the ritual of the essence transfer. Resuscitation as a soulless creature could not have been ruled out either. Taking possession of the body would, however, have included the benefits of immortality and a possible increase in the level of power. For Darth Zash that would certainly not have been entirely uninteresting.

What, however, released or triggered Vitiate's physical destruction? We don't know exactly yet, because we only have the reports from Kiras and Scourges who were only able to observe the effects of the epidemic. There was already a fusion of the being and thinking of power users in the lore, especially among the Killiks, whose swarm consciousness also includes assimilation triggered by pheromones and microparticles. The assimilation of power users also increases the power of the killik swarm consciousness. The advanced technology of a power alliance or power amalgamation, which Luke Skywalker's Jedi Order initially developed as a temporary combat technique for space battles, also made a particularly strong contribution to the participation of Jedi knights in the swarm war from the Star Wars Legends. Through a willful and temporary fusion of thoughts, Luke's Jedi achieved even greater success through their perfect coordination than through the use of a classic combat meditation, which would have been of little use in the use against the power-protected Yuuzhan Vong. When a Jedi Knight trained in this technique was assimilated by the nest of the Unu-Killiks, he also taught the nest the use of this power technique and thus strengthened the ability of the Killiks to coordinate and assimilate new members. Why is this aspect important? Because, as a descendant of Bastila, Satele Shan could be a competent user of the classic Jedi combat meditation and thus influence other individuals. Satele would therefore be a potential amplifier of the effect of an overflowing swarm consciousness.

A possible origin for Vitiates esoteric booby-trap would perhaps also be that he dealt intensively with the emergence of Sel-Makor on Voss. Sel-Makor possessed avatars and apparently existed as a disembodied figure, with some possessed Voss dwelling in his catacombs. Perhaps one could therefore compare Sel-Makor with younger incarnations of Skynet or Ultron, who were able to survive by spreading over as many potential data carriers as possible. The power plague triggered by Vitate's death could thus be a virus created by Sith alchemy, which crosses Sel-Makor's development into a supposedly disembodied power entity with the assimilation process of the Killik swarms. Or maybe you got your inspiration from the SciFi series The Expanse and made Vitiate's body a carrier of a kind of protomolecule. Satele as the Borg Queen wouldn't be too far-fetched and the fact that there is a queen in her collective could be explained with her special power talents.

Scourges and Kira's mysterious ally

Before 4.0 I would have thought without question of Revan's ghost, who would have had an outstanding score to settle with the Sith Emperor. And Revan's ghostly return would have been in the room since 3.0, hadn't 4.0 also transformed Darth Marr into a power spirit. In addition, a spirit of power that actively took action against Vitiate / Valkorion and, in addition to Satele Shan, finally also took the Commander under his wing. After the Commander on Odessen had been prepared for the fight against Arcann, Marr and Satele spoke cryptically that Arcann, Vaylin and eventually "many" would follow. In addition, Satele and Marr disappeared to travel to another place where a mission would be waiting for them. Most likely this mission was meeting Kira and Scourge to get them on the right track. After defeating Vitiate's family, Satele returned shortly to Coruscant and was seen with some of her Jedi followers during the rebuilding on Coruscant. Even the last State of the Galaxy article confirmed that Satele had a group of Jedi or Jedi disciples gathered around him. With this group, she must have finally set out to save Kira and Scourge. Which begs the question of whether Marr stood by her side. After all, Meetra Surik's spirit also fought for 300 years to save Revan from the influence of the Sith Emperor. And it was announced at least once that Darth Marr still had a chance to return.

Are Satele and her students still real Jedi at all?

In my opinion, the extremely exciting question is the orientation of Sateles Jedi, after Satele on Odessen under Marr's influence has developed relatively gray and has undoubtedly passed this attitude on to her students in order not to repeat the mistakes of the old Jedi order. But I would also see it that way that Satele has given up the position as Grand Master with her self-exile, because she considered herself responsible for the near demise of the Jedi. Now she wants to at least make amends for some of the damage she has caused by training a new generation to benefit from her experiences. Satele's relationship to Gnost-Dural and his Jedi faction has yet to be clarified, because maybe Gnost-Dural has even made the right decision from Satele's point of view by simply giving up the war and symbolically laying down his lightsaber, precisely because he is a Jedi .

Satele would certainly be another council candidate for Gnost-Dural, whereby he would also be interested in integrating her students into the order. The rescue mission for Satele and Co really makes sense from a republican point of view, as well as from the point of view of imperial saboteurs, who were charged with pursuing a pro-Jedi policy. For the Sith Empire, however, it would be advantageous to eliminate Satele's students or to convert to the dark side. Even if they cannot be freed from the collective, they may be used as weapons.

The Emperor's poisoned legacy

With Scourge and Kira's return one can perhaps hope to get to know the former hiding place of the Emperor or at least to find out what has become of his hands and children in the years since his first death. Although attempts have been made to reconcile Vitiate and Valkorion through Retcons, in the end all these attempts were pretty half-hearted and lead to the fact that there are no more certainties today.

Because what became of his children? After all, in the blood of the empire comic, he learned relatively late (during the last Great War) how to use an essence transfer technique to build an army of potential avatars. Avatars that were probably not unlike Valkorion, but that also raises some questions about the timing. Exal Kressh was the Emperor's first "child" as a pupil and died 3678 BBY, while Valkorion was murdered in 3637 BBY (at the beginning of KotFE). So there was 41 years between Exal Kressh's revelation of the Emperor's children and Arcann's accession to the throne. More than enough time to explain why Valkorion actually aged in the KotFE trailer, but not to explain why he was revered as an immortal emperor and had been building Zakuul for centuries. Despite all the uncertainties, Arcann, Thexan, and Vaylin were, in my opinion, Valkorion's biological children and not those Vitiates, which means that they had no Sith DNA in them.

But Valkorion's body was not the one that ZILDROG upgraded, so we have to ask ourselves whether the recently erupted epidemic is perhaps a creation of Iokath.

The Iokath of the 6.0 era?

In addition to the advantages already mentioned, Satele's return would also have some possible allusions to KotFE Chapter XII, Iokath and Nathema. Theron and Jace Malcom could also be dead, which could drastically influence a collaboration with Satele and you could try to kill them on Odessen. Satele's death would surely hit Theron hard, but the whole affair would perhaps bring back Jace Malcom of its own as well.

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