Are Star Trek phasers possible?

Phaser beam

A Phaser beam is a beam of nadion particles that is generated by a phase emitter or phase gun. (ENT:Silent enemy; VOY:Subspace columns)

Phaser beams at warp speed [edit | Edit source]

The effect of phaser beams when using the warp drive is different. In 2151 it is not yet possible for the terrestrial star fleet to fire phase cannons during a warp flight. According to Malcolm Reed, particle discharges destabilize the warp field and can therefore destroy the warp coils. He also has the prospect of solving this problem in the near future. (ENT:Fallen heroine) A few months later it is Enterprise (NX-01) then it is possible to use their phase cannons during the warp flight. (ENT:The future, The shock wave, part II)

In the 23rd century, the USS Enterprise her phasers also at warp speed on several occasions. (TOS:Poker games, Spock under suspicion, Computer M5)

  • In 2371 the USS Voyager pursued by a Kazon spaceship at warp speed. The fires Voyager with a small phaser bank on a gondola pylon on the Kazon when this ship is in the immediate vicinity. (VOY:The struggle for existence, part I.)
  • In 2374, the USS is captured by Romulans Prometheus from a spaceship the Nebula-Class tracked. The Romulans then activate multi-vector attack mode, whereupon the Prometheus divides and falls behind. As the segments of the Prometheus the spaceship of the Nebula-Class, they fire phaser beams from a distance of only a few spaceship lengths and penetrate the protective shields. (VOY:Message in a bottle)
  • In 2375, Odo was contacted by Weyoun 6, a defectiveWeyoun clone who wants to defer to the Federation. Than both of them with the runaboutRio Grande flee from a Jem'Hadar warship, they are shot at in a warp plow. Weyoun then gives Odo data about a weak point in the protective shield. Odo maneuvers the runabout directly above the rear shield of the Jem'Hadar and fires a phaser beam at the enemy spaceship, which explodes shortly afterwards. (DS9:Treason, Faith, and Mighty Flow)

Background information [edit | Edit source]

According to the reference work The technology of the USS Enterprise Phasers have no tactical value at warp speed. This is cited as the reason for the development of the photon torpedoes, which in contrast to the phasers as warp-speed defensive weapon are designated.

In Starship Enterprise: The Next Century (and associated films), phasers are never used in Warp. In all other series, however, this concept was not taken into account.