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Project Management: The 12 Most Important Online Courses for Each Level

June 22, 2019

Good project managers are wanted in every industry. Anyone who would like to increase their chances of an interesting and demanding job can take an online project management course for further training.

In order for a project to be successfully started, carried out and completed, professional project management is necessary.

While the specialists from the different areas concentrate on their specific tasks, the project manager maintains an overview.

He is responsible for ensuring that the schedule and budget are adhered to, project goals are achieved and problems are identified and resolved at an early stage. The job description therefore requires complex knowledge, which you can best learn from an online project management course. This will effectively prepare you for your role as a project manager.

The e-learning platform LearnNow.de regularly tests new online courses in a professional environment and recommends the following courses *:

Basic courses for beginners

Those who have not yet had any experience in the field of project management can start with a basic seminar on the subject. The Udemy learning platform, for example, offers you the English-language course Project Management Fundamentals. In a one-hour video and five articles, you will learn everything you need to know about planning and implementing projects.

Career starters and career changers who want to delve deeper into the subject will find the seven-hour video seminar Project Management: Step by Step Explained with Software at Udemy. Here you not only learn the theoretical basics using many examples, but also how to use the project management software ProjectLibre.

The Lecturio platform also has a course for beginners in the basics of project management. For six hours you will learn everything you need to know about project goals and project organization in the project management online course.

A comprehensive alternative is the flat rate of LinkedIn Learning. There you will find an abundance of project management seminars from a short introduction to special topics such as agile methods, all of which you can use. The first month is free.

Special training in project management

Anyone who has already worked in this area can take an online course on special topics relating to project management and develop new methods in a targeted manner. For example, LinkedIn offers the digital course Agile Project Management, in which two German-speaking experts give a detailed introduction to the topic in one hour and 40 minutes. Anyone who would like to familiarize many employees in the company with agile methods can do so with the video learning Agile Project Management at Pink University.

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An English-language crash course on agile project management that lasts one and a half hours can be found on Udemy. The same portal also holds the course The agile KANBAN Board - More flexibility and flow for you. In one and a half hours you will learn how to use agile tools professionally.

The provider Scrumkurs24.de organizes the so-called Scrum online training for around two and a half hours. Scrum is a framework, a kind of structure or framework, for agile project management.

Another important aspect for every project manager is how to use a project management tool. For a comprehensive introduction to the most widely used Trello software, take the Trello online course Agile Time Management and Project Management from Frank Albers. Here you will learn how you can get your tasks and projects under control with the free Personal KANBAN tool.

Project management seminars with certificate

Do you not only want to continue your education, but also need proof for your employer or an application? Then, for example, take part in the online seminar project management using the method of the German Society for Project Management (GPM) via Lecturio. After the eight-hour course including exam preparation, you can optionally register for the exam, which is carried out separately.

Udemy offers an alternative with the English course PMP Exam Prep Seminar - PMBOK Guide 6, in which knowledge about project management is conveyed in videos with a total duration of 24.5 hours. This project management online course prepares you specifically for the exam for the PMP certificate.

If you are looking for a complete master’s degree, you can complete the master’s project management at the IUBH Fernhochschule. The part-time course lasts 12 months and can be extended by 12 months free of charge if necessary. Even the exam can be done entirely online. You can start your studies at any time.

Boost your career through further training in project management

The seminars presented here offer the right learning opportunities for every level of experience. If you continue your education, you will qualify for new tasks and achieve your career goals faster. So decide on a project management online course and book it now with the relevant provider!

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