How does the design of custom shirts work

Create Custom T-Shirts for Free To Buy or For Sale

Did you know you can create custom t-shirts online with zero upfront cost and no stock? Sites like Teespring, Redbubble, and Zazzle will let you have a free store page and you'll print and ship your designs all over the world for free.

Take a cut in profits, of course, but it suggests investing in stock or manufacturing costs. It can also be a great way to customize your own clothes to wear yourself too.

Whether you're looking to start your own brand, sell merchandise, or create custom clothing to wear, this guide will get you through everything you need to know.

Teespring vs Redbubble vs Zazzle - Which is Better?

There are dozens of custom-ware websites, but we've got the three titans that offer easy signups and creation - Teespring, Redbubble, and Zazzle. We compare prices, fees, and merchandise creator tools between these three websites below.

Zazzle - Complex Designer, Low Profits

Zazzle is the best platform for making not just custom t-shirts but all kinds of products. With Zazzle, you can print your design on hundreds of products from t-shirts and hoodies to custom skateboards and playing cards.

When it comes to making t-shirt designs, the tool on Zazzle can be quite complex. The system works similarly to Canva, a free online image creation tool. For us, we found the Zazzle creator page to be perfect for creating something like posters or picture frames, but it felt like the t-shirt design feature was an afterthought.

There is less help for making sure everything is targeted, and no details about what the print quality will be like that is a feature competitors offer.

Royalties that aren't great on Zazzle. The base price for a basic custom t-shirt is $ 17.95 and you have to add royalties. The recommended remuneration rates are between 5% and 10%. With this, you would make between $ 0.90 and $ 1.90 per shirt.

Redbubble - Simple Designer, Low Profits

Redbubble also has a wider range of products and it's very easy to use. Create an account and add a banner and information about your business from your profile page. From there you can upload pictures and they will be added directly to any products you choose.

This has some problems because you have to create the design outside of the website and upload it directly. You cannot have multiple images at once. If you add pictures, you will be able to preview the custom t-shirt or product. Some prefer this approach, but being able to add elements and customize the design before finishing is a lot easier.

Missed prices on Redbubble, but at the time of writing, we're finding t-shirt prices start at £ 12.70 ($ 16.48). You can add your own margins on top that the 10% margin would make the retail price for the cheapest t-shirt option £ 13.76 ($ 17.86) and you'd be £ 1.06 ($ 1.38). Very similar to Zazzle listing.

Teespring - Simple Designer, Reasonable Profits

Teespring is a designer who is similar to Zazzle ‘s but simpler. Just upload pictures and add text. How you do this, the pictures and text will show on the t-shirt. You can click to move, rotate and resize any item.

What we like about Zazzle ‘s designer is the quality checker. If you add pictures that are too low quality, Teespring will tell you. You can also quickly see if the images are in tune with each other.

For more complex custom t-shirt designs, Teespring will provide you with the artwork so you can line up everything perfectly.

Teespring deals a little differently with pricing. Instead of adding royalties on top of the base price, you can use the retail price of your shirt and Teespring to calculate your profits. If you could get a t-shirt cheaply at $ 17.95, you'd get $ 7.38 per t-shirt - far better than Redbubble and Zazzle.

With a lower base price on Teespring, you could buy your own custom t-shirt designs for cheaper, or make more profit with every sale.

How To Create Your Own Custom T-Shirts At Teespring

With more profits and better designers specifically at creating custom t-shirts, we've picked Teespring for this guide. Below we would like to explain how you can have your own shop and create your own custom t-shirts to sell or buy for yourself.

  • To get started, first visit Teespring and click design in the top left corner.
  • Go through creating an account.
  • Next, click Build & Sell and click Further.
  • You need to choose a name for the store - this will be your own custom url for where you can post a list of your custom products.
  • Next, we would suggest that you go back to the Teespring homepage. From here, click Start the configuration again.
  • Select the product category and product that you would like to add to your design. For this guide, we're going to choose you Unisex / men t-shirts and then Classic tea.
  • Next, choose to buy if you want to buy the design for yourself, or To sell if you'd like, give it to your own store to sell later.

Now is the time to start designing your own t-shirt. We'd recommend using photo editing software to create your own designs and text in a font that you like. Also save each image as 300 DPI PNG files with a transparent background. If you can't afford Photoshop, try a free photo editing alternative.

Alternatively, look for free clipart online to use in your designs. You can find more information about this from Teespring here.

It is best to create separate images for each element or logo - for example, one image for a logo and one for the text. Next, click add a picture on the Teespring creator page. On the right, you can now see the picture on your t-shirt. Click and hold, drag the image to a new location.

Each image you add will have separate controls for rotation, positioning, resizing, and deleting.

They also have on screen to tell you the size of an item so that you can make sure you are duplicating items that are the same size, and on screen to tell you if the print quality will be good enough. If Teespring says the image is of poor print quality, create the image at a higher resolution.

Once you have finished the design, select the available colors and pricing on the left. You can't edit these later even without contacting support so make sure you choose the colors you like. We do not advise choosing t-shirt colors that are too similar to your design colors.

Next, click further and add a description and url of your custom t-shirt. Make sure that you have the right to access the visibility settings and select the load you created earlier. Finally, click Publish, list and you will be able to find your t-shirt in your store.

If you buy your own design, you will skip these last few steps and have the option to buy it directly instead.