Work chin exercises

Lose weight without exercising

For those of us who deal with "Double Chin Syndrome" on a daily basis, here are our top recommendations, products, and exercises to help businesses contract and lose the flab and loose skin under that chin!

Losing the weight will reduce the flab

When you gain weight, fat tends to grow in the tissues that are least resistant to enlargement. The soft tissue under your chin borrows nicely into an increasing number of fat cells. As with any other part of the body, however, this can be exercised away. The general warning would be not to expect results overnight. It took a long time to win the double chin. It will take a fair amount of time to lose it, but it won't happen unless you work on it.

Chin exercise work miracle

Exercises to remove or eliminate a double chin are very easy to do. You're not taking up much of your time. You don't have to leave your home to do them. They are non-aggressive and free. All you have to be successful with your chin exercises is determination. The tight neckline that will result will be well worth the effort.

  • Rotate your head and neck from left to right, back to front and vice versa. Do in each direction and keep moving for a count of eight or ten. This will exercise the muscles that surround your chin.

  • Emphasizing the mentalis muscle that sits in the center and bottom of your chin helps reduce the double chin. The other is the much larger muscle involved in double chin reduction, the platysma muscle. Tilt your head toward the sky, or ceiling, and contract yourself for a smooch. Reach your lips towards the sky as far as you can. Then hold that position for five to eight seconds. Give your head and face to normal, that of it back again. Repeat this exercise several times.

  • Sit on the floor and cross your legs in Indian fashion, or yoga style. Then, with the fingertips of your right hand the floor, about a hand's length away from your body, you balance for the following movement. Take your free hand and touch your left cheek with your palm. Gently push your head sideways with your left hand towards the left side of your neck. Don't press too hard or you could injure yourself. Press until you feel resistance. Then, in a gentle wiggling motion, squeeze just a tiny fraction more of your shoulder. Do this five times to the left shoulder and five times to the right.

  • Stretch your gaiter forward, hold it for ten seconds, and then return it to its original position. You can do this eight or ten times and then rest.
  • These exercises will be in harmony and firm your entire face. You will notice the younger look and most of all, the diminution of your double chin.