What is the best virtual personal assistant

Virtual assistance: earn money wherever you want!

Working models are becoming increasingly flexible: Digitization makes it possible to work from anywhere in the world at any time of the day. In addition, more and more companies are orienting themselves towards the outsourcing trend. Generations Y and Z are about to take the reins, which is also leading to noticeable changes in the world of work. In the course of these changes, new jobs such as the virtual assistance. In the following article we will explain exactly what we are talking about and why companies need a virtual assistant.

What is the virtual assistance?

As the name suggests, is a virtual assistant or eAssistant not physically present at a company location during the performance of his or her work. But what does a virtual assistant do? Virtual or virtual personal assistants, or VPA's for short, are so-called digital nomads: In other words, people who almost exclusively use digital technologies to get their work done regardless of location. This term usually describes very young people who spend their lives in different places and do not want to be tied to one place and time for work.

To be able to organize your working hours flexibly. Move to a warm country and work from there in a relaxed atmosphere with a view of beautiful landscapes or even the sea. What is a matter of course for virtual assistance was just a dream for previous generations that only came true in exceptional cases.

What tasks does a virtual assistant do?

Jobs for virtual assistance can include very different fields of activity: Sometimes they are administrative tasks such as calls, administration or the organization of appointments such as meetings or business trips. However, the tasks can also be more specific: they range from proofreading, SEO and research to customer support, accounting, web design and developing marketing strategies.

The virtual assistance can of course also be limited to special subject areas. However, most workers who make their living as virtual assistants choose to keep all options open to themselves. In this way you avoid losing orders.

What requirements do you need as a virtual assistant?

Would you like to work as a virtual assistant? Then, of course, the question arises as to what requirements you should have in order to become a virtual assistant. Basically, the job is characterized by the fact that you don't need anything more than your laptop and a well-functioning internet connection.

There are no clear guidelines regarding the competencies that a virtual assistant should bring. It often includes a variety of tasks and is therefore not limited to a specific task or topic. So it only has a positive effect if you can demonstrate skills in many different areas. This makes you an attractive candidate to take on various and possibly more complex tasks and jobs as a remote virtual assistant.

Yours personal qualities play just as big a role as yours professional qualifications. As a virtual assistant, you enjoy a lot of freedom. But not being tied to any fixed office hours does not mean that you can sleep in every day and relax wherever you are. Here the importance of time management becomes clear, because only a reliable and disciplined way of working will lead to long-term success in this profession.

Taxes and finance: what do virtual assistants earn?

The question of what virtual assistants earn depends, as with freelancers, on their qualifications, but also on the industry in which they work. When calculating your hourly rate, it is important to allpersonal and professional costs to be taken into account and included in the calculation.

Regardless of whether you work as a part-time or full-time virtual assistant, your income is subject to income tax. However, income below a basic tax-free allowance of 9,168 euros for single people and 18,336 euros for married people remains tax-free. If you recorded an annual profit under 17,500 euros last year and expect a profit under 50,000 euros for the coming year, you can Small business regulation avail and also save the sales tax. The disadvantage is that you cannot claim input tax. In addition, you are obliged to register a trade in Germany Business tax to pay. The exception are freelancers who are exempt from paying trade tax.

Last but not least, it is crucial for the virtual assistance to keep an eye on the finances at all times and to keep track of them accounting not to waste too much time. The Penta Online Business Account offers the perfect account for clear finances. You can view your income and expenses in the app at any time. You scan your receipts and you can use a filter function to see the processes broken down into different areas. You save time not only with the online registration, but also with the account management, which you can invest in your actual tasks as a virtual assistant.

Who needs virtual assistance?

Mostly start-ups and young companies work together with virtual assistants. Marketing and web design tasks can easily be outsourced. And once the virtual colleagues have been trained and know the company's requirements, their work is of great added value and very time-saving for the company. Founders in particular have little time and a long to-do list in the initial phase. Much remains. Mostly tasks that an online assistant can easily take on so that the founder can concentrate on the further development and the most important tasks of the company.

How do you find jobs as a virtual assistant?

You have two options here: Either you are already networked so well that you will be found on your own. Or you look for suitable positions yourself. For example, you can register on portals that exclusively place jobs for virtual assistants. These include, for example, eAssistent, my vpa and Strandschicht.

These portals take a portion of your payment in commission. Nevertheless, such a portal is especially recommended for newbies in order to build up a network and find initial jobs as a virtual assistant.

Either way: Anyone who builds a good network, delivers reliable work and good quality will quickly make a name for themselves in the scene.

You can also draw attention to yourself by designing your social networks, which you use for professional purposes, professionally and always keeping them up to date. Furthermore, you should create your own website on which you present yourself and your competencies and provide references from previous projects for potential customers.

The competition in this profession is great. Many want to fulfill their dream of self-employment and companies prefer to work with candidates they already know. As a result, the initial phase as a virtual assistant can sometimes go less well than expected. That's why it's all the more important that you stand out from the crowd and present yourself well. Especially reliability stands out in this industry: Being able to discipline yourself and manage your time are two important skills that set you apart as the perfect virtual personal assistant.

The difference between virtual assistance and freelancers

Freelancers mostly work full-time and often work at the customer's site. Virtual assistants, on the other hand, can also work part-time. While freelancers usually take on more creative tasks, virtual assistants mostly work in administrative areas. In addition, most freelancers are experts in a certain area, while the virtual assistant takes on tasks in various areas of a company.

Your entry as a virtual assistant

The virtual assistant is not personally present in the company while he is working. Virtual assistants take on tasks that cost the entrepreneur too much time and distract him from the core areas of his business. The job is characterized by the fact that you can work as a virtual assistant from anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop and a working internet connection.

Your field of activity is broad and ranges from administrative work to creative tasks.

If you want to work as a virtual assistant, you have to register a business. If you only make a small profit, you can take advantage of the small business regulation and get exempt from paying sales tax. Reliability and self-discipline are important qualities that you absolutely have to bring with you as a virtual assistant. Only then will word of your performance get around and you will secure further orders for the future. Whether this job is suitable for you ultimately depends on you - the advantages are definitely convincing!