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The Bible in the standard translation


The book of Kohelet, chapter 3

Koh 3.1Everything has its hour. There is a certain time for everything that happens under heaven:Koh 3.2a time to give birth / and a time to die / a time to plant / and a time to harvest the plants,Koh 3.3a time to kill / and a time to heal / a time to tear down / and a time to buildKoh 3.4a time to cry / and a time to laugh / a time to lament / and a time to dance;Koh 3.5a time to throw stones / and a time to collect stones / a time to hug / and a time to loosen the hugKoh 3.6a time to search / and a time to lose / a time to keep / and a time to throw away,Koh 3.7a time to tear / and a time to sew together / a time to be silent / and a time to talk,Koh 3.8a time to love / and a time to hate / a time for war / and a time for peace.Koh 3.9If someone does something, what is the benefit of making an effort?Koh 3.10I looked at the business that every human being struggles for through God's commission.Koh 3.11God did all of this perfectly in His time. Moreover, he has put eternity into everything, but without man being able to rediscover what God has done from its beginning to its end.Koh 3.12I had recognized: There is no happiness that is rooted in everything that is done, unless everyone is happy and so he creates happiness while he is still alive,Koh 3.13at the same time whenever a person eats and drinks and gets to know happiness through all his possessions, which is a gift from God.Koh 3.14Now I realized: Everything that God does happens forever. You can't add anything, you can't cut anything, and God made people fear him.Koh 3.15Whatever happened was there before, and what is supposed to happen has already happened and God will seek what has been chased away again..

The evils of the world: 3.16-4.16


Wrong in court

Koh 3.16I have observed something else under the sun: injustice is done in the place where judgment is given; injustice is done in the place where a just judgment should be pronounced.Koh 3.17I thought to myself: It is God who condemns the innocent as well as the guilty. Because there is (also) a certain time for every event and every action there.Koh 3.18As far as individual people are concerned, I thought to myself that God picked them out and that they themselves must recognize that they are actually animals.Koh 3.19Because everyone is subject to skill and animals are also subject to skill. They have one and the same skill. As these die, so those die. Both have one and the same breath. There is no advantage of humans over animals. Both are breath of wind.Koh 3.20Both go to the same place. Both were made out of dust, both are returning to the dust.Koh 3.21Who knows whether the breath of individual people really rises while the breath of animals sinks into the ground?Koh 3.22So I saw that there is no happiness unless a person can gain joy through what they do. That is his share. Who could enable him to enjoy something that will only be after him?