What is a really unrecognized art form

Street art - between guerrilla action and mass art

Street art used to be a form of artistic protest, a kind of glued and sprayed revolution. Today art lovers spend a lot of money on the owner of what is actually a public art form. One name is inextricably linked to the rise of a mass pop culture phenomenon - Banksy.







It's crazy. Street art actually wants to be free and accessible to everyone. Her goal is to make art tangible outside of the normal places of art education such as museums or galleries. According to the Vienna Institute for Graffiti Research (yes, it really does exist) the term street art encompasses everything from the small protest sticker on the lamppost to sprayed stencils and public protest art. But street art is actually no longer an underground, something that is to blame for the London street art veteran Banksy. The Briton, affectionately known as the “Zorro of street art”, sprays his works on walls all over the world with the help of stencils. Sometimes it's English bobbies kissing their tongues or rats splashing paint over the city. The artist once described his motivation to the Guardian as follows: "You can own half the city if only your name is on it."

Great staging of the unrecognized
The artist, who comes from the graffiti scene in Bristol, has definitely more than managed that. His works of art are not only exhibited regularly, but are, as far as they are on the wall, real tourist magnets. At the same time, his works of art for sale quickly go over the auction table for over $ 800,000. It goes without saying that the artist, who has become a brand himself, is often accused of buying out and betraying the street art scene. Maybe also because Banksy is so loving and excessive about self-staging. But not only the undisguised Brit made the leap into the galleries of the world. For example, the poster "Hope", which shows Barack Obama in the USA colors red, blue and white, comes from street artist Shepard Fairey. This image has been world-famous since the US election campaign in 2008. The list of similar examples is long, there is hardly an art fair or hip gallery that can do without street art today. A fact that is perhaps also due to the visual effectiveness of the art form.

Creative channel for graphic designers

Many of the artists are graphic and media designers of all kinds themselves, who otherwise attract attention with advertising and layouts. For her, street art is a channel to escape the narrowness of advertisers and their briefings and let off steam creatively. The possibilities to let off steam are almost unlimited.

Interesting examples of street art can be found at:
Or in person on Banksy's website: http://www.banksy.co.uk/

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