Medicine or pharmacy

Medicine, pharmacy or something else?

Hey guys

Briefly to me. I am w21 and finished my Matura three years ago (yes, I am Austrian).
In my final school year it became clear that I would like to study medicine - I was always very interested in the natural sciences, especially biology and chemistry.

2015 1st entry test medicine, failed, reason: nothing learned
2015 started studying chemistry
2016 2nd start in medicine, failed
Changed from chemistry to pharmacy in 2016, reason: chemistry and biology in pharmaceuticals are more related to the human body
In 2017 I thought I had finished with the subject of “choosing a degree” and continued studying pharmacy
2018 I don't even know what I want anymore

It is clear to me that there is no one here who says: "It is best to study xy, that will make you happy." After all, no one can make the decision for me.
But maybe someone has an idea how I can come to a decision.

I've already tried a lot: big job test at school, big talent test from the labor market service (strengths: social and mathematical talent), pro / contralists, discussions with my family / friends, various practitioners in laboratories and research institutes (to see whether the industrial / research-based pharmacy what would be), career prospects / fields of activity / work + life balance researched, ...

The more I deal with it, the worse it gets.
As a next step I would have thought about going to a psychologist because my biggest problem is obviously that I have no idea what I want. In addition, I am a very security-dependent person and do not like to take risks - so of course I am also very afraid of making wrong decisions.