Why is titanium used for body implants


Definition & introduction

Implants are artificial materials that replace or enlarge certain parts of the body. A basic distinction is made between medical and plastic implants.

Implants are mainly intended to replace the shape or function of body parts, joints or skin structures after an accident or illness, which is why they are primarily used as pacemakers, prostheses, dental implants, vascular prostheses or skull reconstruction. In plastic surgery, implants are used to enlarge existing parts of the body or to replace damaged or misshapen structures.

Purely medical implants mainly consist of titanium, although implants made of ceramic are also used in dentistry. In cosmetic surgery implants made of silicone are also used, which are used, for example, as breast implants.

There are risks with every procedure. In addition to wound healing disorders and bleeding, neural disorders, allergic reactions, scar healing disorders and a rejection reaction of the implant can occur. Sensitivity can also be disturbed, especially after the use of breast implants.

Some of the costs differ significantly. It is therefore advisable for you as a patient to compare the prices and offers of different specialists and plastic surgeons before treatment.

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