Which blog is making the most money

How much do you make on a blog per article, pageview, and comment?

There are a lot of ways to make money from blogs, but how much do you make from blog anyway?

Are there general guidelines for typical revenue per article, page views, and comment?

In this article I take a closer look at my own blogs, but also others, and analyze how much you can earn with a blog.

Make quick money on a blog?


I've been blogging for more than 12 years now and have been making a living from it for quite some time. But I haven't made money quickly with my blogs. It took years to make a living from it.

Therefore, as a warning in advance: If you want to start a blog, you should bring passion, perseverance and discipline. Especially in the beginning you will only write for a relatively small number of readers and therefore hardly earn any money.

If you monetize a blog well and quickly gain the first readers, you can achieve three-digit income after a few months, but you certainly won't get rich that quickly.

How much do you earn per article, page view and comment?

Building a blog takes time. It is important to publish articles regularly and to look for a niche that is not (or only poorly) occupied. In this way you will gradually attract new readers and of course that also enables better monetization.

Many different sources of income are possible in a blog, such as affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, paid articles, advertising, your own products and much more.

But which blog metrics does the amount of revenue depend on? I will try to get to the bottom of this question below.

How much money per item?
Of course, you don't get any direct remuneration per article if you run your own blog. After all, unlike a YouTube channel, a blog is an independent platform and blogs are very different from one another.

So there is no general value of what you can earn as a blogger per article. That depends too much on the topic, the range, your own optimizations and so on.

Let's say there are 100 articles on a blog and the blog is making $ 1,000 a month. Then an article would bring in an average of 10 euros. But this is only partially so, because if you look at the number of views of your own articles, some articles have a lot of views, other articles almost no views at all. The income that can be achieved on an article, e.g. with Google AdSense, is correspondingly different.

One source of income is, however, quite easy to define and that is the VG Wort. For every article that is at least 1,800 characters (including spaces) and has at least 1,500 hits in a calendar year, you currently receive 35 euros net from VG Wort. (Of course you have to register with VG Wort and install the tracking pixels.)

Experience has shown, of course, that not all articles on a blog achieve this number of views and the article is not always that long. Nevertheless, the VG Wort remuneration is now an important additional income for many bloggers.

How much money per page view?
Earnings per 1,000 page views are somewhat easier to define. Of course, these fluctuate from blog to blog and depend on many factors, but at least this value is a little more comparable.

I recently compared a number of food blogs and some of these listed pageviews as well as earnings.

In March 2019, a blog earned $ 16,296.14 with 222,581 page views. That's $ 73.21 in revenue for every 1,000 page views. That is quite a high value.

Another blog made $ 1,089.56 on 69,399 page views. That's $ 15.7 per 1,000 page views. That's a pretty good number. Another food blog made a healthy $ 5,444.72, but required 347,727 page views. That's $ 15.66 for every 1,000 page views. Okay too.

As you can see from these numbers, it is not possible to say exactly what a blog earns per page view. The prerequisites and the many small factors are simply too different for that.

For many blogs, however, the value will probably be between 10 and 20 euros per 1,000 page views, if this is already established, a profitable topic is being dealt with and is well monetized.

How much money per comment?
Some even ask me if the comments play a role in the revenue. Comments are of course important. They show that a blog is alive, give readers further useful information, convey a sense of community and are generally important for a blog.

However, they do not bring anything directly for the blog income. So you don't make any money per comment.

The mix makes it

It is therefore very difficult to define generally applicable key figures for blogs. These are simply too different for that.

In my experience, the income per article and per 1,000 page views increases, especially if you use a suitable mix of sources of income. So not just Google AdSense or just advertising.

I use a variety of sources of income in parallel on my blogs and have thus been able to increase the total income. In the case of self-employed online, I get a value of around 24 euros per 1,000 page views. Dmit am very satisfied with that, because the income is also relatively stable.

My board game blog costs around 9 euros per 1,000 page views, which is still a little bit. But so far I've only monetized this blog with Amazon. At Christmas time, however, this value can go up to 15 euros per 1,000 page views.

Is a blog worth making money at all?

To be honest, blogging also has advantages and disadvantages.

The most important thing is that you have a passion for the topic and enjoy writing. These are the two basic requirements for a successful blog.

In addition, you have to invest time in search engine optimization, marketing on the social web and the optimization of monetization. Making a blog financially successful takes a lot of work and you have to take care of all kinds of things.

But if you are willing to invest this time, persevere and optimize the blog, you can achieve good income in the long term and relatively stable.


Unfortunately, I cannot give you an exact value for the income from blogs, but that is also not so important. It is much more important that you try to improve and optimize your own blog again and again.

You can find out how to start a blog in my large series of articles in which I go through all the necessary steps step by step.

You can find a current practical example in my case study, in which I have been reporting monthly for over 2 years about the structure and progress of ab Abenteuer-brettspiele.de.

I appreciate your feedback on this article and your blogging experiences.

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