Why did Sindhi worship Gurdwara

Dear compatriots, greet you on this pious festival of Deepavali. We all know these verses

Shubham karoti Kalyanam, Aarogym, Dhansampada. Shatrubhddhi vinashaay, Deepjyoti Namo mare !!

A nice targeted message! The verse means: It is the light that brings joy, health and prosperity into our lives and dispels negative thoughts. I respectfully salute the divine flame. To make this Diwali unforgettable, there could be no better way than our efforts to let the light shine and encourage positivity with a prayer to suppress feelings of hostility. in particular, the festival is not limited to Indian communities; Even governments, citizens and social organizations celebrate Diwali with glee and fervor. In a way, one cultivates a microcosm of India in different places in India.

Dear friends, Festival tourism has its own exciting attractions. Our India, the land of festivals, offers unlimited possibilities in the field of festival tourism. We have to make sure that we also welcome people from other states, countries while we are celebrating Holi, Diwali, Onam, Pongal or Bihu, and thus spread their true mood. Here, in every state, in every region, different festivals are celebrated, which arouses great interest among people from other regions of the world. Hence, the Indian diaspora plays an important role in promoting festival tourism in India.

Dear compatriots, in the last episode of this program we decided to do something special on this Diwali. I asked all of you to celebrate the power of women by congratulating the Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, and within a very short time countless inspiring stories followed on social media. Kodipaka Ramesh from Warangal wrote in the Namo app: “My mother is my strength. When my father passed away in 1990, the responsibility of raising five sons fell on her shoulders. Today all five brothers are well on their way in their respective professions. My mother is my god. Today all five brothers are well on their way in their respective professions. in the truest sense of the word my mother is the Indian Lakshmi. ”Dear Ramesh, respectful greetings to your mother !, Geetika Swamy, who is active on Twitter, says that for her Major Khushbu Kanwar, the daughter of a bus conductor who has an all-women contingent of Assam Rifles which is Indian Lakshmi. For Kavita Tiwari, his daughter is the Indian kalshmi. She takes pride in her daughter's excellent painting skills. She also got a good rank on the CLAP exam; Megha Jain mentioned that a 92-year-old woman is offering passengers at Gwalior station free fresh drinking water. Megha is really inspired by the humility and compassion of these Lakshmi of India. Many such stories have been told by many people. Please read these, and then forward such stories. I respectfully salute all the Lakshmis of India.

Dear compatriots, the famous Kannada poet Sanchi Honamma wrote a poem in the 17th century that had the same meaning; the same words about every Lakshmi of India. It seems that the foundation of the idea itself was laid in the 17th century. You would notice the beauty of the words, feelings, and thoughts in this- Kannada poem:

) Peninnda permegondanu himavantanu

Peninda broohu perchidanu

Peninda jankaraaynu jasuvalendanu

It means - Himvant, the god of the Himalayas, gained fame because of his daughter Parvati, the sage Bhrigu because of his daughter Lakshmi and the king Janak because of his daughter Sita. Our daughters are our pride ... Their unbelievable virtuosity weighs our social fabric, and that ensures our bright future.

Dear compatriots, November 12, 2019 is the day when the 550th Prakash Utsav of the revered Guru Nanak Devji will be celebrated all over the world. The luminescence of Gru Nanak Dev's influence is felt not only in India but all over the world. Many of our Sikh brothers and sisters resident in other countries follow the ideals of Guru Nanak Devji. I can never forget my visits to Gurdwaras, the great Sikh temples in Vancouver and Tehran. Here is a lot about guru nanak dev ji that I can share with you, but that would take some episodes of this program. He had attached the utmost importance to the purpose of the service. Guru Nanak Dev ji gave the highest priority to all selfless service. He resolutely opposed social injustices such as untouchability. His message echoed all over the world. He was the most widely traveled man of his day, and wherever he went his openness, humility and sincerity won hearts. He made many significant spiritual journeys called "Udaasi". He carried the message of harmony and equality and roamed the north, the south, the east and the west. He met people, saints and sages. It is said that the venerated Assamian saint Shankar Dev was also inspired by his teachings. He also traveled to the holy city of Haridwar. There is a holy place in Kashi called "Gurubagh Gurdwara". It is believed that Guru Nanak Devji would have stayed there as well. He also visited the Buddhist holy places such as Rajgir and Gaya. His travels also took him to Sri Lanka. While in Bidar, Karnataka, he came up with a solution to water ailments the place was struggling with. Guru Nanak Jhira is a famous place in Bidar dedicated to him and which has memories of him. During a Udaasis Guru Nanak Dev ji traveled to Kashmir in the north, and areas adjacent to him. This led to a strong kinship between Sikh supporters and Kashmiri. He also visited Tibet, where he was granted guru status. He is also revered in Uzbekistan, which he visited during one of his Udasis, He also traveled to Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Afghanistan. He secured a place in the hearts of millions who followed his teachings with full devotion, a practice that continues to the present day. Just a few days earlier, ambassadors from around 85 countries traveled from Delhi to Amritsar. There in the Golden Temple they cast a holy look and commemorated the 550th Prakash Parv of Guru Nanak Dev ji. In addition, all of these ambassadors had the opportunity to learn more about the traditions and culture of the Sikhs. Afterwards, many ambassadors shared these photos on social media and wrote about their glorious experiences. It is my pious wish to incorporate the thoughts and ideals of Guru Nanak Devji into our lives; May we be all the more inspired to make this a reality.

Dear brothers and sisters, I am sure you all remember the importance of October 31st. This day marks the anniversary of the birthday of the Iron Man of India, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, the man, actually the force that unites us all as one nation - our hero. On the one hand, Sardar Patel possessed the rare quality of uniting people, on the other hand he was able to find a balance with people who ideologically disagreed with him. Sardar Patel carefully observed even the smallest things and evaluated them at the same time.

He was a “man of detail” in the truest sense of the word. He was also adept at organizing skills; His core competency was drawing up plans and developing strategies. When we read and hear about Sardar Patel's way of working, we learn how accurate his planning has been. In 1921, thousands of delegates from across the country were scheduled to attend the Ahmedabad Congress session. Sardar was assigned to oversee all the arrangements. He took this opportunity to improve the city's water supply network. He made sure that not a single person was faced with a problem because of lack of water. It is not just what he did that will surprise you. He contacted the farmers and asked them to make khadi bags. These were made and sold to the delegates. They carried the bags with their shoes in them, free of any tension in the footwear that could not be stolen from them. On the other hand, this resulted in a sharp increase in khadi sales. Our country will always be indebted to Sardar Patel for his prominent role in the Constitution Assembly. He endeavored to enshrine fundamental rights that eradicated any possibility of discrimination on the basis of caste and population group.

Dear friends, We all know that Sardar Patel, as India's first interior minister, took on the colossal historic task of integrating princely states. Taking a close look at the smallest events was his rare quality. On the one hand he focused on Hyderabad, Junagarh and other states, on the other hand he carefully watched the flying area - of Lakshadweep. If we refer to Sardar Patel's endeavor, his role in uniting only a few notable states is discussed. He played a far more prominent role when it came to a small region like Lakshadweep. Lakshadweep is one of the most beautiful landscapes in India. Soon after India was partitioned in 1947, our neighbor kept an eye on Lakshadweep as well. A ship with his flag was sent to Lakshadweep. When Sardar Patel was informed of this, he wasted no time in initiating strict action. He urged the Mudaliar brothers Arkot Ramaswamy Mudliar and Arkot Laxman Swamy Mudliarr to immediately undertake a mission with the people of Travancore to Lakshadweep and take the lead in the unfolding of the tricolor there. At his command, the tricolor was promptly unfolded there and the neighbour's shameful dreams of the annexation of Lakshadweep were decimated in no time. Following this incident, Sardar Patel has instructed the Mudliar brothers to personally gather all support for the development of Lakshadweep. Today Lakshadweep is a major contributor to India's progress. is also an attractive tourist destination. I hope you have the opportunity to visit the picturesque islands and their pristine beaches.

Dear compatriots, October 31, 2018 is the day on which the 'Statue of Unity' in memory of Sardar Patel was dedicated to the nation and the world. It is twice as high as the ‘Statue of Liberty’ in the USA. The distinction of having the tallest statue in the world fills every Indian with pride; the head of every Indian is held high. You will be happy to know that in one year more than 2.6 million tourists have visited the "Statue of Unity". The awe and devotion in their hearts for Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was reflected in the form of homage to him. It is also currently home to many attractions such as cactus safari, butterfly garden, jungle safari, children's nutrition park and unit nursery. We are constantly developing all of this and thus support the local economy. Not only do local people receive innovative employment opportunities, but many villagers also offer facilities such as home stays to help tourists enjoy their stay. And these hosts are professionally trained in the technology of host family operations. The locals have now started growing dragon fruit and I am sure that this will soon be an important livelihood for the people there. This “statue of unity” could become the subject of research for our country and the member states as well as for tourism. We all witness the fact that within a year a place has become a world famous tourist destination. People come from other places in the country and also from abroad. And little by little, additional services such as transportation, accommodation, tour guides and environmentally friendly services will be introduced by themselves. A great economy is developing and people are creating facilities that meet the needs of tourists.

The government also plays its part in this. Dear Friends, Which Indians will not be proud that Time Magazine recently added the “Statue of Unity” to its list of the Top 100 Tourist Destinations in the World? Of course, I hope that all of you will spend some of your precious time visiting the "Statue of Unity". But my appeal is that every Indian who takes the time to travel must visit at least 15 travel destinations in India with his family and experience an overnight stay anywhere. That remains my appeal.

Dear friends, As you know, October 31st every year since 2014 has been celebrated as “National Unity Day”. This conveys the message to protect the unity, integrity and security of our country at all costs. Also this year, on October 31st, ‘Run for Unity’ will be organized in line with previous years. It will include people from all areas of our life, from all areas of our society. “Run for Unity” is a symbol of the unity that the nation is united, moving in one direction and aiming together - Ek bharat shreshth bharat, i.e. One India, best India. The past five years have witnessed it - not just in Delhi, but in hundreds of cities in India, Union terrorism, state capitals and district centers, even in small tier 2 or tier 3 cities, innumerable men, women, be they from the Cities, villages, children, youth, senior citizens, disabled people, all take part in 'Run for' Unity 'in large numbers. In any case, people have currently decided on the marathon and found this passion. “Run for Unity” is also one of those unique provisions. During ‘Run for Unity’ we not only have to run, but it also reflects the purpose of Fit India. And so not only our body, but also our spirit and our value system are integrated into the unity in India, which leads to higher heights. No matter what city you are in, you can find out all about the Run for Unity schedule. A portal runforunity.guv.in has also been set up for the dissemination of information about this event. This portal has provided information on the venues where “Run for Unity” will be organized nationwide. Hope you all run on October 31, 2019 - not only for the unity of India but also for your physical fitness.

Dear compatriots, Sardar Patel integrated the nation into the common thread of unity. This mantra of unity is like a sacrament in our lives and in a country like ours, which is full of diversity, we should tighten this mantra of unity on every path, in every corner and at every pit stop. Our nation has always been very proactive and vigilant in strengthening unity and communal harmony in the country. If we look around, we will find many examples of people who have worked tirelessly to promote harmony in society. But sometimes it happens that the efforts of society and their contribution are obliterated from our collective memory.

Dear friends, I remember when the Allahabad High Court pronounced its verdict on Ram Janmabhoomi, i.e. the birthplace of God Rama, in September 2010, one could remember a little and think about the atmosphere. Different types of people went the way of confrontation! Various interest groups played dirty games to exploit this situation in their own way. The kind of language that was spoken helped create the tension in the atmosphere. Attempts have also been made to make the tone of various speakers shrill. Some of the loudmouths and boasters had the sole intention of being in the spotlight at this point. And we all know what irresponsible talk was floating around! But that scenario had lasted five or seven or ten days. However, after the delivery of the court order, a pleasant and surprising change of mood in the country triggered. On the one hand, the machinations caused tension for a week or two, but when the decision on Ram Janamabhoomi was made, the government, political parties, social organizations, civil society and representatives of all sects and saints made cautious and balanced statements. Attempts were made to reduce tensions in the socio-political environment. But I remember the day vividly, and whenever I do I am delighted that the dignity of the judiciary has been very proudly recognized and that no heated discourse or tension has been considered anywhere. These incidents should always be remembered as they give us a lot of strength. that day, that moment, a sense of duty flows into us. It is an example of how calling for unity can give strength to our country.

Dear compatriots, on October 31st, the same day ... the former Prime Minister of our country, Ms. Indira Gandi, was murdered. It was a tarumatic moment for our country.I pay homage to her too.

Dear compatriots, today, If a story that rings from home to home and far and wide can be heard from north to south, east to west and from all parts of India, then it IS the story of cleanliness and hygiene. Every person, every family, every village wants to share their pleasant experience in relation to the cleanliness mission, because behind this cleanliness effort is the effort of 125 crore Indians. the result also belongs to 125 crore indians. But this is also a pleasant and interesting experience. I heard it and I think I will share it with you too. Imagine the highest battlefield in the world, where the temperature drops from zero to minus 50-60 degrees. The oxygen content in the air is also tiny. Living in the midst of such adverse circumstances and challenges is no less than any kind of bravery. In such a difficult situation, our brave soldiers not only protect the country's borders, but also carry out a “Saubeer Siachen” campaign in this arena.

On behalf of our compatriots, I congratulate the Indian Army on this great effort. I also express my thanks. It's so cold there that it's almost impossible to break anything down. In such a situation, the separation and disposal of garbage is a very important task in itself. In this scenario, removing 130 tons and more of garbage from the glacier and the fragile surrounding ecosystem is a great achievement. It is an ecosystem that is home to rare species like the snow leopard and rare animals like the ibex and brown bear. We all know that Sichen, as a glacier, is a source of rivers and clean water. Therefore, a campaign to improve the environment means getting clean water for those who live in lower lying areas and also using the water of rivers like Nubra and Shyok.

Dear compatriots, And especially during Diwali it is customary in every family to buy something new, to take something from the market in smaller or larger quantities. I once said we should try to buy local products. There is no need to go to the district, then there is no need to go to the district. The more we try to buy our local goods, the more Gandhi 150 becomes a great event in itself. And I always insist that we have to buy some hand-woven products made by our weavers, our khadi artisans. Even during this Diwali, you must have bought some or many things before Diwali. But there are many people who believe that if they go shopping in Diwali they might get a good deal. So there will be a lot of people who are not finished with their purchases. Therefore, along with best wishes for Deepavali, I urge you to come forward and become a promoter of the local goods and witness for yourself how we can play an important role in making Mahatma Gandhi's dream come true. Once again I wish you all the best for this auspicious festival of Diwali. On Diwali we burst crackers. But sometimes carelessness creates fire. Injury can also occur. I urge you all to take care of yourself and celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm. I wish good, good luck.

Thanks alot!