What are some startup ideas for beginners

26 business ideas to start your own business

Side business is a very good option to take the first steps towards self-employment without taking too great a risk. But in addition to the full-time position, that means more work and less free time. With the right business idea, the possible consequence is: More money to live on and a first step towards self-employment, towards independence.
Especially in today's digital world, there are almost endless possibilities to start a side business. Are you looking for a business idea that might be right for you? Then read the following post! We have listed 26 different start-up ideas. Perhaps one of the ideas is suitable for you. By the way, the book "The 4-Hour Startup: How to Realize Your Dreams Without Quitting" might be right for you. It was definitely inspiring for us.

26 business ideas for your side business

First of all, you need the right idea. We are happy to help your inspiration on the jumps. Here are our 26 ideas for your side business.

1. Open a food truck

Have you always been interested in what it would be like to run your own restaurant and make people happy with good food? A food truck could be a good alternative for you. Find out quickly whether there is a need for your offer.
Tips The website of Foodtrucks-Switzerland provides some information that could be useful for setting up your side-business "Foodtruck".

2. Repair of PC and smartphone

Are you interested in technology and do you like to tinker with electronic devices? Start a repair service for PCs or mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. You will certainly find your first customers in your private environment.
Tips Experience makes you an expert. Still, it doesn't hurt to get some help at the beginning. At kaputt.de you will find some helpful tips.

3. Music teacher / tutor

Anyone who can play an instrument perfectly has excellent opportunities here. Start your side business as a music teacher! Music schools are still very popular. Another variant is to work as a tutor. The demand for this is constantly increasing, as many parents only want their children to have the very best school results.

4. Computer training for seniors

The digital world is not always easy to understand, especially for older people. You need help. If you are well versed in technology and have a lot of patience, this could be a job for you. You should also be able to explain things easily.
Tips In order to make such a task your own, it makes sense if you first speak to the elderly in a circle of friends in order to identify their needs. If you orient yourself towards this, you can further develop your services and set prices in line with the market.

5. Web development

Anyone interested in sales and electronic media should consider a career as a web developer. The industry has been growing rapidly for several years and the need for good partners is great. Thanks to various programs, inexpensive or even free of charge, you can quickly and easily familiarize yourself with this topic and improve your skills. Once you're in, the first project shouldn't be far away.
TipsCoursera and BitDegree are two portals that help you learn to program for free. Various orders and projects can be won on various order exchanges such as Freelancer.com etc.

6. Affiliate Marketing

In recent years, affiliate marketing has become popular as a source of income: Anyone who has an interesting and well-visited website can publish advertising from various companies on their platform, and is remunerated based on impressions, clicks or per sale. Depending on the volume, this business can be very interesting. Philip Matesanz shows how it is done. The 25-year-old created the simple website youtube-mp3, which converts Youtube music to MP3. Thanks to the extremely high number of visitors (200 million visits per month), the advertising brought him a lot of money.

7. DropShipping

Ever heard of DropShipping? No, then we will help. So: As a DropShipper, you are a dealer of goods that you never had physically in stock. Practical, isn't it? An online shop is relatively easy to set up. Because you do not have to worry about storage or logistics, you save storage and transport costs.
Tips At DropShipping you will find 6 great tips and tricks to help you build a shop.

8. Write texts

Anyone who likes to write will definitely have enough to do and enough orders. On the Internet, content is the measure of all things. The demand for good copywriters in the online and print sectors is extremely high. Depending on that, you can concentrate on different topics (fashion, family, etc.).
Tips Various project exchanges such as content.de can be used to find interesting writing tasks. Alternatively, writing texts can be practiced in the form of a leisure blog. Thematically, you can be completely open.

9. E-learning

Do you have expertise in a specific area? Are you an expert in a niche area or are you particularly familiar with a software that is used a lot? If this applies to you, why not offer an online course and shine with excellence. E-learning is likely to become ever more important, especially since knowledge can be imparted regardless of location.
Tips In addition to LinkedIn Learning, other providers are always looking for new specialists for online training. Regina Anaejionu provides tips on how to best develop your business on her website.

10. Web design

Almost every business today has a website. With this large number of websites around the world, a beautiful design is an absolute must in order to stand out from the rest. As a web designer, you design new websites or adapt current designs.
Tips Jonas Hellwig's blog provides information on current trends and brings valuable tips to light. Squarespace is one way to build your expertise in this area. Check it out!

11. Fitness coach

How about as a fitness coach? Obviously, this task is not suitable for everyone. But if you are in the gym one way or the other in your free time, this activity could be something for you, the right side business for you, so to speak. Those who do well will be able to quickly expand their customer profile.

Tips The 10 best tips for trainers are here. mypersonaltrainerwebsite will help you if you want to develop your fitness business plan and create a professional website.

12. Translator / Translator

As long as there are languages ​​in the world, interpreters will be needed. If you speak Swahili or another exotic language fluently, you have the best chance of getting well-paid engagements as a translator.
Tips Exciting assignments and projects for translators can be found on the Twago exchange.

13. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants support companies and private individuals with e.g. office work. The decisive advantage: You don't have to be on site with the customer, communication takes place over the Internet.
Tips You can register via various platforms such as my-vpa and you will be communicated directly.

14. Develop an app

The right app is now available on the smartphone for almost everything. Maybe you have an ultimate idea for an app. Sometimes the best things are next to you. With the necessary programming know-how, you can start right away. If you find a suitable partner, you can also have the app developed abroad at favorable conditions.
Tips The contribution of the start-up scene gives you a lot of know-how and tips for setting up your new app.

15. Become a franchisee

The franchise business is also a rapidly growing branch in Switzerland. No matter what industry, there are countless opportunities to do business here. If you want to sell an established product and benefit from the franchisor's marketing package, then franchising might be an interesting option for you.
Tips You can find interesting projects and providers of franchising in the following article.

16. Wedding planner

Anyone who can call themselves a talent for organization and has already organized larger celebrations and parties probably already has talent in this regard. A side business as a wedding planner might then be the right thing for you. It can also often be used to make good money.
Tips The company Traumhochzeit (franchiser) from Germany is constantly looking for wedding planners. We are not aware of such a company in Switzerland, but it goes without saying that you can set up your own label.

17. Set up an online shop via Amazon

For some time now it has been possible to work with Amazon as a partner for shipping and "all around". Thanks to FBA (dispatch by Amazon), the logistics and dispatch of your goods are handled by the partner Amazon. This allows you to take care of the marketing of your range.
TipsFBA Switzerland has documented numerous tips and tricks for Amazon FBA.

18. Photographer

A classic for decades. If you're a good photographer, you're in good hands. Image material is always needed, especially in the digital world. If photography is your hobby, this is perfect as a side business. So you can start your side business easily and without large investments.
TipsAs a photographer on the way to entrepreneurship, these tips must be observed.

19. Catering

Is cooking your passion? If so, then this activity is predestined for a side business. This activity is ideal for catering.
Tips If you have your own recipes, you can publish them on your own website or on Facebook. This strengthens your brand and brings your readers a special benefit.

20. Sell homemade products

Do you like to do handicrafts, crochet or knitting or do you generally have a weakness for handcrafted products. There are now many portals where you can sell goods that you have made yourself. That has already helped many to achieve success. You can quickly find out via these portals whether your products have a chance on the market at all.
TipsEtsy is a well-known address for creative minds and hands. On this portal you can create your own shop (free of charge) and sell your valuable products via a good platform.

21. Tour guide

If you live in a city that you know and where many tourists go, you could build up your side business as a tour guide. Whether on foot by bike or even Segway, if you have a good offer, you can always count on new customers.
Tips You can offer your tours under GetYourGuide, for example. And even worldwide!

22. Set up a YouTube channel

Are your videos interesting and worth watching? Do you like to be in front of the camera? If you have a lot of followers, you can make quick money, easily. An advertisement is displayed before the video starts.
Tips These tips will show you how you can make your own YouTube channel more attractive.

23. Renting a room

If a room in your apartment is vacant and you don't know what to do with it, we have a possible side business for you. Rent the room out to tourists. The advantage: You earn good money and quickly come into contact with new people.
TipsAirbnb is the most popular portal for renting out temporary accommodation. Simply create your profile and you will soon have your first tenants.

24. Bake pies and cakes

Have you always wanted to have your own pastry shop? If you're particularly good at baking or making elaborate cakes, this might be a possible side business for you. Start small and only take orders from people you know. In this way you can gain initial experience and tailor your offer even better to the needs of your customers.

25. Own fashion label

If you enjoy making fashion items and they also look good, you have a good chance of getting your offer to the man or woman. It should be easy to manage as a side business. Ask your friends and acquaintances whether they would buy this or that part and if so, at what price.
Tips At Cantana you will find an inexpensive option to simply have textiles printed. Look at it!

26. Coach sports teams

Are you fond of a sport and would you like to coach a team? The task as a team coach could be your entry into self-employment. What could be better than doing your favorite thing and even getting paid for it?
Tips Go to the desired sports club and ask about their needs for coaches or other support.


For many, it is the desire to become self-employed and thus to escape everyday life. Relatively few dare to take the step because the comfort zone is too large and the fear of failure often prevails. With a side business, you don't give up your job straight away and slide gently into independence. This will reduce your personal risk and will allow you to try something out first. This is a great way to go, especially if you have commitments. Note that you are not competing with your current employer with your side business. That could lead to problem. The best thing to do is to speak openly with him one way or another. He's probably even glad that he has an entrepreneurial person in his company.
Anyone who is prepared to take the risk in advance or has enough capital available can also dare to take the direct step into self-employment!