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7 Types of Hunger: How to Avoid Pointless Eating!

Chocolate croissants, a cake with sweet strawberries and cream or the delicious, crunchy rolls with lots of cold cuts and mayonnaise - when we walk through the city, there are delicious things to buy on every corner. How often does it happen that you buy something to eat even though you are actually not hungry? Probably quite often and this is exactly where the problem lies: At these moments you mistake hunger for appetite. And that's probably also the reason why a healthy diet or weight loss doesn't work out well for you.

So that you don't fall for the "false hunger" anymore, it is important that you can distinguish appetite from hunger. The American doctor Jan Chozen Bays identified seven different types of hunger. We'll tell you which ones they are and how you can recognize them. First of all - of these seven types, only one type is “real” hunger, which is caused by an empty stomach. In all other types, you are being tricked by your body.

Our tip: Try to eat really consciously. Take plenty of time to eat and enjoy every single bite. Sounds a bit strange at first, but it helps to get to know your own body and the feeling of hunger better. You can also pause now and then during meals to see if you might be full. How to get your cravings under control!

1. Stomach hunger

You haven't eaten for hours and your stomach growls so loud that everyone can hear it and you can clearly feel this uncomfortable tingling and pulling sensation. Yes, that is the real hunger: the stomach hunger.

Tip: You should satisfy hunger pangs as quickly as possible, because it signals that replenishment is needed so that your body can work fully again. So you should at least have a snack, like a slice of bread, yogurt, or a piece of fruit.

2. Hunger for the eyes

Oh my god, the pizza with the mushrooms, peppers, and thick cheese crust looks so good. When you see your colleague's food at work, your mouth will water. No wonder, because it is not for nothing that they say that the eyes eat too. But be careful - your body is tricking you! If you only realize that you are hungry when you see something tasty, it is eye hunger. And hunger for the eyes is not real hunger, but appetite!

Tip: Look away and think of something else! In very few cases, starvation for the eyes has anything to do with real hunger. If you give in to it, you usually only consume empty extra calories. And we think: it doesn't have to be.

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3. Nose hunger

Mmh, the neighbor has cooked delicious spaghetti Bolognese and the steam from fresh tomatoes and fried onions comes in through the open window. If you give it to yourself, you will suddenly be hungry too and could use something to eat. But even here you should be careful. Similar to hunger for the eyes, hunger for the nose is also quite insidious and nothing more than appetite that trickes your body. Nose hunger has nothing to do with a growling stomach.

Tip: Here, too, the following applies: Close the window quickly, walk on or distract yourself, and then your hunger for the nose will soon subside. So that he doesn't stand a chance, you should eat regularly.

4. Mouth hunger

You can literally feel it - the piece of chocolate, which melts wonderfully on your tongue, or the crispy chips, which taste spicy like paprika and salt. Mouth hunger occurs when you have not eaten for a long time or when you are thirsty. Sometimes your body cannot clearly distinguish between hunger and thirst. Mouth hunger is the need for variety in the mouth. A crunch, melting or something cool like ice.

Tip: To ensure that mouth hunger occurs as rarely as possible, you should drink enough. If you still have the feeling that you want to eat something, you should make sure that you eat variedly. This way, your mouth doesn't even get to feel bored.

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5. Spirit hunger

Do you also have a routine when you eat? In the morning there is always muesli with fruit or a sandwich, at lunchtime something with pasta or rice and in the evening salad or bread. If so, you shouldn't wonder why your body is boring. Eating monotonously leads to so-called hunger for the mind. Your mind wants something different!

Tip: The hunger for the mind has no chance if you keep trying new foods and recipes and don't even let a routine get into your diet.

6. Heart hunger

Stress, lovesickness, boredom: Often only a piece of chocolate or a greasy burger with french fries will help you feel better again. This feeling, which you then feel while eating, briefly triggers happiness hormones in you. But you should be careful: Eating frustration is not good for your body at all, because you simply eat something without being hungry and just to distract yourself from something else.

Tip: There is only one way to fight heart hunger in the long term: you have to find the cause and eliminate it. If you are bored: do something nice! If you're feeling stressed or lovesick, read a book, go for a walk in town, or try to reduce your frustration by exercising. When you are distracted by your grief, hunger will go away on its own.

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7. Cell hunger

Last but not least, there is cell hunger - all of a sudden there is an appetite for a large, juicy piece of steak and you just don't want to leave. Sometimes your body tells you with the hunger for cells which nutrients it needs at the moment. In the case of meat, this would be iron or protein, for example.

Tip: Unless you're hungry for chocolate, you should take cell hunger seriously and check whether your body is missing important nutrients.

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