Why do people concern themselves with economic issues

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Economy / economy

Make something
When people work, they mostly create something. They build cars, machines, houses, sew clothes, bake bread, plant grain or grow fruit. Many others can be added to these examples. All areas in which people produce something together are called the economy. But services are also part of the economy. These are all activities where people work, but nothing is directly produced. This includes trade, traffic, banking, insurance, administration, police and much more. Individual areas of the economy are, for example, agriculture or the construction industry, mining, the automotive industry or the food industry.
Abandonment of the economy

In summary, it can be said that a country's economy must ensure that people get the goods and services they need and would like to have.

Demand creates offers
In the economy, on the one hand, demand regulates supply: the more people want a product, i.e. ask for a product, the more this product is also produced and offered. If a lot of people want a certain brand of jeans, then the manufacturers of jeans will make sure that you can buy those jeans as quickly as possible. But if a product is no longer in demand, i.e. cars of a certain brand no longer find buyers, then they will no longer be built. So they are no longer offered.
Offers create demand
On the other hand, demand is also aroused by offers. For example, if a new computer game has been developed and is on the market, it should also be in demand. People are then encouraged to buy primarily through advertising. Because certain things are on the market, are offered, they are also in demand, i.e. bought.

Economic order

How the economy works in a country and which rules apply to it are determined by the respective economic system. The economic order in Germany is the social market economy.

Another term for "economy"

The term "economy" is often used when speaking of "economy".

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