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American billionaire Steve Jobs is one of the world's most innovative thought leaders in the development of new technologies. Steve Jobs was born onFebruary 24, 1955 in San Francisco
However, since his parents were too poor to provide for a living, he was adopted by the Jobs couple. In California he did 1972 graduated from high school and began studying in Portland, but soon dropped out.
Back in California, he met the programmer Steve Wozniak in 1974. With him he programmed that for Ataricomputer game Breakout.
After anotherinvention, the blue box for free long distance calls, they had the financial basis for further inventions. So Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded together with Ronald Wayne in1976 in a garage in Palo Alto her first own company, theApple Computer Company.
The first product was the Apple I home computer. After several stages of improvement, the company was converted into a corporation in 1980. 1984 Another milestone in computer technology was achieved with the introduction of the Macintosh, a PC with a graphical user interface.
In 1985, Steve Jobs left Apple after internal disputes and founded NeXT. The technology he developed there later formed the basis for the development of the World Wide Web. In 1996, NeXT was bought by Apple and Jobs returned to the company.
There he initially worked as a consultant. In 1997 he became the temporary managing director of Apple with the iconic symbolic salary of $ 1 a year. Since then, Jobs has developed several revolutionary technical devices such as the iPod portable music storage device, the iPhone, the easy-to-use mobile phone, and the iPad portable computer.
In addition, he founded Pixar Inc. with Edwin Catmull in 1986, a film studio for computer-animated cartoons. Works like Toy Story and Finding Nemo come from Pixar. Since Pixar was taken over by the Disney group in 2006, Steve Jobs has been the largest single shareholder in Disney.
In January 2011 Tim Cook took over the business from Steve Jobs who resigned for health reasons. Jobs remained chairman of the board of directors until his death on October 5, 2011.

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