What do interactive advertising agencies do

CSR can also be easily implemented in an advertising agency

On the one hand, this is very direct: We use 100% green electricity in the office and at home (from Naturstrom AG: www.naturstrom.de), we participate in the “CO2-neutral website” initiative and thus also make a financial contribution to renewable energies. We drive small, fuel-efficient and therefore low-CO2 cars and we often cycle anyway. We use envelopes made of recycled paper, have them printed CO2-neutrally, 50% of our team are vegetarians and thus not only protect the animal, but also the environment. We take part in online petitions by the organization "Rettet den Regenwald e.V." and we work with 20% discounted fees for companies in the field of renewable energies. And we look for service providers and suppliers who also act in a socially and environmentally conscious manner and who also come from the Cologne or Rhineland region if possible - in order to avoid long car journeys, flights and transport routes.

This also applies to food: it doesn't necessarily have to be the seedless organic grapes from Chile. That would then no longer be in the sense of "organic". In the evenings and on weekends we turn the heating down massively so as not to waste energy.

In addition, we unobtrusively but clearly draw the attention of all of our business contacts to the uncomplicated change to a purely green electricity provider and to the CO2-neutral website initiative, and are available here for further questions.

Instead of the usual crate of wine or giveaways
Customers, friends and cooperation partners, who kindly recommend us as an advertising agency in Cologne to suitable companies, are given a year ticket for Aktion Mensch as a thank you for every order placed with us in this way.

Tips for students
Last but not least: Due to our organizational structure as a fixed network, we work in different offices across Cologne and Düsseldorf. Unfortunately, we cannot look after interns and apprentices appropriately. For the large number of pupils who inquire about me, I have a small list with addresses of advertising agencies and internet agencies in Cologne that I know are happy to accept interns and trainees.

And indirectly:
On the other hand, we indirectly support the dissemination of the topic of value orientation and sustainability with our advertising agency portfolio from marketing consulting to corporate design and web design to complete campaigns: we are particularly happy to mobilize our know-how for service providers and consultants whose activities have a strong development-promoting character . I do not mean this in the sense of support for “third world countries”, but in relation to initiating or being part of a domino chain of events and actions that contribute something positive to the common good in the overall result and in the course of the process. With our work, we indirectly contribute to the fact that such companies can expand their sphere of activity and communication radius.

For example, we often work for management consultants who are themselves shaped by the spirit of value-oriented corporate management and who express this principle in their business environment through appropriate respectful and mindful cooperation and who are also multipliers of this positive approach through their consultancy work. Since the economic crisis at the latest, the topic of value orientation and sustainability should be heard in most companies. No matter if small or large.

Of course, that's not the end of the story.
One would have to and could do a lot more. Keyword “strategic consumption” or even “getting involved in politics”. But let's be honest: To do nothing because there is little that could be done at first - isn't that, as so often quoted, really the greatest omission? It is the many very small things in your own micro-cosmos, professionally and privately, that can be reconsidered and changed: switch to a green electricity provider, use recycled paper, eat less meat, ride a bike or walk on foot and generally be more aware of it pay attention to what and where to buy - that is really easy and not a great achievement on our part.