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Older viewers understandably roll their eyes. Admittedly, the summer was more fruitful in terms of new releases, but there are still a lot of great titles coming down the pipeline as we head into the fall and today, the streaming giant have revealed their November lineup, which you can check out below . This reinterpretation of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic children’s tale of curfews and confinement resonates in 2020 in a way its makers could have scarce imagined, but which makes it oddly ideal for a half-term cinema trip. Knock Knock While HD is now the standard for TV, film, and most videos streaming online, some people have jumped over to 4K — a resolution four times higher than 1080p, the standard for HD. We at FILMCHECKER have also reviewed quite a few of these films in recent years that tried to pay homage to the cinema of the 1980s. Though we're now beginning to see life starting to return to at least some sense of normality, a lot of people are still spending much more time at home than usual thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, and that probably won't change for a while yet. Unfortunately the policeman and the law are on his side. Highest Rated Netflix Movies and TV Shows, Lowest Rated Netflix Movies and TV Shows, Top 50 Best Netflix Documentaries According to IMDB. Please review our, You need to be a subscriber to join the conversation. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Operation Christmas Drop * Netflix Film Elf Pets: Santa's Reindeer Rescue After her failure on Broadway, a self-centered dancer in her home town has to prepare a miserable dance troupe for a competition for better or worse. A smartly packaged horror film is by no means a garnet for great horror cinema. Starring: Yuji Mitsuya, Noriko Hidaka, Keiichi Nanba. Christmas With A Prince Snowden Finding Agnes * Netflix Movie More details. Only François Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell know whether this is true. Mosul * Netflix Movie, A Go! He suspects that his neighbor Wayne Mackey (RICH SOMMER) is the wanted killer. V for Vendetta, The Boss Baby: Back in Business: Season 4 * Netflix Family Somewhere in between: the following horror movie. Unfortunately, the film looks a little too obsessively through nostalgic glasses instead of dealing with its story. Find out more, The latest offers and discount codes from popular brands on Telegraph Voucher Codes, Dixie Egerickx discovers the enchantments of The Secret Garden, Billie, review: an unflinching look at the sensual, addicted, magnificent Miss Holiday, The vaccine may be bad news for cinemas - until Bond comes along, What's on TV tonight: Saving Britain's Pubs with Tom Kerridge, Masters golf and more, Jaysus, Mary and Joseph - we need a Good Friday Agreement for terrible Irish film accents, Hillbilly Elegy review: Amy Adams and Glenn Close liberally pile on the melodrama, Lockdown bites at UK box office as number one film takes only £ 51. You can exclude films from the overviews so that you only see films and series that you find interesting. Netflix Netflix. A suspected murder mechanic with a criminal history must track down a car that contains proof of his innocence: a single revolver bullet. Nevertheless, you have to admit that the makers have paid great attention to detail so that everything looks as if the film was made at the time in which the flick is set. The Late Bloomer, Dash & Lily * Netflix Original Enough Talk! - Death is in da House! Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey * Netflix Film PlayStation 5 Review In Progress: Color Us Impress ... Xbox Series X Review: Microsoft's Best Console Eve ... Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition Review. Conspiracy theories are spun like in FRIGHT NIGHT and of course something coming-of-age including teenage romance should not be missing - STAND BY ME sends its regards. JOIN NOW SIGN IN. It's easier than ever to watch 4K Netflix movies and shows. Nevertheless, a faster-paced script with innovations, clever meta-puns and, above all, suspense would have been far better for the film than another visually inflated homage to the shrill 1980s. In this true-story thriller, Cuban spies infiltrate Cuban exiles in the United States in the 1990s to put an end to anti-Cuban terrorism. This film is exciting. Childhood memories come up rightly because many long-established viewers were still children themselves at the time, when filmmakers like Spielberg, Carpenter and Dante shaped an entire decade in cinema. Whether BMX bikes, slot machines, walkie talkies or Star Wars - the attention to detail of the props is remarkable. The Top 20 Horror Movies Of 2019: Tethered Terrors (Part I). It's the summer of love at Netflix! When 16-year-old Alexis capsizes off the coast of Normandy, 18-year-old David heroically saves him. RUST CREEK (It's in cinemas and on Netflix now.) Nasce uma Rainha / A Queen Is Born * Netflix Original The result: retro oversaturation. Netflix Netflix. Once you've got that covered, you have to upgrade your Netflix subscription to the Premium option, which costs $ 11.99 a month. Die ravenschwarze Nacht - Fright Night (1985) (It's in cinemas and on Curzon Home Cinema now.) You quickly feel as if you are right in the middle of this decade. Graceful Friends Country Ever After * Netflix original quotes about quotes - but where is the violence and the horror impact advertised by the local distributor? As you can see above, there's a whole bunch of excellent content arriving in November - both of the licensed and original variety - and it looks like Netflix users will be once again overwhelmed with options when it comes to choosing something to watch as millions of people continue to find themselves spending most of their time indoors. Email verification failed, please try again. More and more films and TV series are jumping on the 80s hype and shooting current films as if they were made in the time to which one would like to bow. Easy A JOIN NOW. To everyone's astonishment, they don't have a sequel in their luggage, but instead come to home theaters with another horror adventure. PG cert, 100 mins, Eleanor Halls: 10,000 cut roses and 7,000 potted plants - meet the man who grew the original Secret Garden, François Ozon’s 19th feature is an enthralling coming-of-age melodrama set in the Calais of 35 years ago. Create a website or blog on for free. 45 min. Prom Night, American Horror Story: 1984 Podcast - My new chat project .. GoodFellas - Three decades in the Mafia, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire proves: Ron is a secret clairvoyant, The end of Transformers? a throat cut) there are hardly any sights to admire here. Close. The shrill decade is also experiencing a small revival in the cinema and reviving times long past. (It's in cinemas now.) Netflix and third parties use cookies. It's a value between 0 and 5. Interestingly, though, the amount of licensed titles coming to Netflix seems to grow smaller and smaller every month, which is perhaps understandable now that so many studios / networks have their own platforms and want to stock them up with as much of their own content as possible. The summer of 1984 is said to be horror for four pubescent people.