What are the ingredients of Diaet-Cola

Diet Coke Does Diet Coke make you old and fat?

We chastised ourselves for years and persuaded ourselves that the Diet Cola with the artificial sweeteners tasted better than the delicious original anyway - and then the bad news: Nutritionists claim that Light Cola is not booked so neutrally on the account of the sins of beauty, as we always hoped. In fact, the consolation drink supposedly makes you old, fat and wrinkled faster.

Diet Coke makes it harder to lose weight

It sounds paradoxical, but Light-Cola doesn't help melt hip gold. It is true that you save a lot of calories if you drink the diet variant instead of "real" cola. But that doesn't bring the slim waist within reach - on the contrary.

The reason for this is because of the confusing effect that sweet nothing has on your metabolism. Your body, which has developed its current functioning with its energy balance over several thousand years, has never heard of sweetener, so to speak. And certainly not from diet and voluntary renunciation!

When you take a light drink that is just as sweet in taste as the original, a powerful expectation builds up in your body: Attention, now there is a lot of sugar and therefore energy! But the energy boost is missing due to the lack of calories - so it's no wonder that Light-Cola really gives the cravings tinder.

And since artificial sweeteners are much sweeter than sugar, the effect is amplified. Your body is forced to release loads of insulin, causing your blood sugar levels to go crazy. A dangerous game that promotes the development of diabetes and high blood pressure. Regular consumption increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Chemical cocktail with serious consequences

But that's not all. Researchers now assume that the ingredients in light soda actively promote the formation of fat deposits. Cola-Light doesn't make losing weight easier, it makes it harder.
And the third horror news is not long in coming: The chemicals used, including carbonated water, dyes and sweeteners such as aspartame and acesulfame-K, form a volatile cocktail that even accelerates the aging process.
Externally, this means that light consumers get wrinkles faster. But of course the supposedly harmless showers not only work on the surface, but also in your body.

Heavy food for the intestines and bones

Fructose, artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols upset the delicate balance of beneficial intestinal bacteria, as a Swiss nutrition institute found out.

Another bad guy is phosphoric acid, which provides that pleasant tingling sensation when drinking, which we find so refreshing. It is contained in diet and "real" cola alike. But phosphoric acid also makes us age faster. In an animal experiment, the rats with the highest levels of phosphorus died five weeks earlier than healthy control animals.

Phosphoric acid is also said to reduce bone density; this makes them more prone to fractures and, in advanced age, to osteoporosis. Dairy products and meat also contain phosphoric acid, but the combination of ingredients in cola has a particularly extreme effect. Even two cola drinks per week are said to have a negative effect on bone density. In addition, this acid also promotes tooth decay, especially when drinking.

Don't you think that a nice glass of still water or a homemade apple spritzer suddenly sounds much more tempting?

(Source: Cover Media)