What is the process for finishing plywood

Plywood and wood-based materials

We at PERI are one of the most successful providers of formwork panels and wood-based materials. Our aim is to be a competent and reliable partner for your requirements today and in the future.

Right from the start, we have been using wood every day in various areas. Over the years, our expertise in the use of formwork panels in in-situ concrete has been perfected. In addition, we have gained a lot of experience due to our long-term cooperation with customers from a wide variety of industries, such as the transport and packaging industry, furniture and structural timber construction as well as concrete block and precast factories. Thanks to our constant further development, we already have an annual
Delivery volume of more than 10,000 containers, which corresponds to around 400,000 m³ of plywood.

Your project - our mission

Professional advice and expert support for our customers in the successful implementation of their projects are two of our core competencies. Experienced experts give practical product recommendations on site for exactly your area of ​​application - from conception through implementation to product maintenance.

You can find more about our products on the PERI website for your country.

Our plywood and wood-based materials have numerous areas of application.

Product variety that is convincing

The variety of our products supports customers worldwide in the implementation of their projects. Whether plywood with an abrasion-resistant coating for vehicle construction, cost-efficient and impact-resistant packaging wood, fine-veneered panels for decorative applications or load-bearing wood-based materials for structural requirements - beyond the formwork sector, we offer user-oriented solutions that are convincing.

PERI warehouse locations ensure local material availability for short-term requirements. We offer our products in every country at an attractive price-performance ratio. Our customers benefit from our long-term cooperation with leading international manufacturers and our first-class logistics network.

For more detailed information, please visit the PERI website for your country.

Sustainable management as a basic principle of PERI

Wood is a renewable natural raw material with the best prerequisites for sustainable use in construction and in various industrial applications.

Healthy trees and forests are the "green lungs of our earth". With their important properties, they are crucial for a smoothly functioning ecosystem. It is therefore particularly important to protect their existence and performance - today and in the future.

Companies like PERI are aware of this responsibility towards the environment and society and set a good example. Ecologically, economically and socially responsible action are firmly anchored values ​​that determine our daily actions.

PERI GmbH is officially certified by the non-governmental organizations FSC (Forest Stewardship Council, in German: Council to take responsibility for the forest) and PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes, in German: Certification System for Sustainable Forest Management). The purchase of FSC and PEFC certified goods proves that the forest areas are reforested after each harvest.

Both certificates meet the criteria of the EU Commission and place high demands in particular on the environmental compatibility of forest management, the quality of work and the social competence of the forest companies. The certification also ensures that the supply chain can be traced back seamlessly.

Compliance with the requirements is checked regularly and documented by renewing the certification. In addition to PERI GmbH, individual subsidiaries are already certified or are currently going through the certification process.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) are non-profit, non-governmental organizations. They advocate sustainable forest management and certify forests that are managed according to these criteria.

Are you looking for the right solution?

The PERI colleagues on site will be happy to provide you with detailed information. To do this, visit the PERI website for your country.