What are the pleasure courses after the 12th.

Enjoyment courses - a feast for the senses!

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“Everyone can cook - but with us you will learn to enjoy with all your senses. Inspiration is the magic word! "

Feel yourself at home! Great ambience for an unforgettable day / evening with friends

Our pleasure courses are a feast for all the senses:
  • Prepare fragrant dishes with lots of tips from professionals
  • Serving as a feast for the eyes, with simple tricks for decorations with a wow factor, because, as is well known, the eyes eat with them
  • Setting the table and decorating - with flair and know-how from professionals
  • Small oenology with tasting and recommendations from the specialist

Topic of the next enjoyment courses:

  • The perfect Christmas roast
  • New Years Eve party, a party for friends!
  • Dinner for Two - shine and enchant!
Celebrate your birthday with guests in our gourmet kitchen with André !:
  • Cook together with your friends
  • Enjoy in an exclusive atmosphere at the festively laid table
  • Wine tasting included

Group booking: You determine the menu or we would of course be happy to advise you.

You will soon also find:

  • Free dates for individual bookings from André Kracht
  • Vouchers for our enjoyment courses
Children's cooking classes
Cooking, baking, setting the table and decorating - in our cooking courses for children.
Children are curious, they like to do everything themselves and our kitchen is also allowed to spill!

Dates here soon.

Request for pleasure courses & vouchers
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