Loosen fish hooks


It happens now and then that a fish takes the bait too deeply before the angler can set his stop and swallows it with the hook. In order to be able to gently release the hook from the fish's mouth, many anglers use a so-called "hook release".

These hook releasers, specially developed for such situations, are pin-shaped and are usually made of aluminum or plastic. They are inserted into the fish's mouth along the (tensioned) fishing line and rotated around the fish hook until the hook is stuck in the hook release - with a little pressure, the hook can then be released easily and gently from the fish's mouth.

Info: The use of a hook loosener is required by law to protect the caught fish when loosening the hook.

Hemostatic forceps and forceps as an alternative

As an alternative to the above hook loosener, many anglers use a so-called "artery clamp" to get swallowed hooks out of the fish's mouth. An artery clamp is actually a surgical / medical instrument used to clamp and hold severed blood vessels. Ordinary pliers from the craft sector can also be used as hook looseners.

The arterial forceps and forceps can be inserted very easily and far into the fish's mouth thanks to the thin and pointed shape. The hook can be snapped and removed quickly and easily.

However, it becomes problematic if the fish has teeth (e.g. pike, pikeperch, etc.) and has swallowed the bait so deep that the hand could possibly be affected. For such cases, there are special mouth locks that keep the fish's mouth open for the short duration of the procedure.

costs and procurement

Hook removers can be found in any good fishing store these days. Alternatively, you can order them online on the Internet (e.g. in the online fishing shop below).

Cost: from approx. 1.00 EUR

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