What's the strangest phobia you have

67 funny phobias that really exist

Everyone is afraid of something. Many fears are understandable for most people - but some are so bizarre that you cannot really believe them. Because they sometimes affect everyday objects and things that make a phobia about it seem somehow crazy. For example, my colleague is so afraid of holes that she cannot even look at photos of honeycombs. I'm scared and disgusted with phlegm, also a phobia that has a name. You can find more strange, yet quite funny phobias in a list here.

67 funny & strange phobias

Many phobias are based on bad experiences in childhood, a certain disgust or even traumatic experiences. These fears are less fun, especially not for those affected. However, those who suffer from the following phobias can usually joke about them themselves. And every now and then you ask yourself what exactly this must be for people who are afraid of cute kittens or peanut butter ... ?! Oh, but one thing first: If you are afraid of lists, don't read any further!

  1. Aelurophobia - Afraid of cats
  2. Alectorophobia - Afraid of chickens
  3. Allium obia - Afraid of garlic (Bella would have preferred to hang a few toes on her window)
  4. Allodoxaphobia - Fear of other opinions
  5. Anatidaephobia - Afraid of being watched by a duck (they are usually up to something devilish)
  6. Anthophobia - afraid of flowers
  7. Arachibutyrophobia - Fear of peanut butter sticking to the palate
  8. Aulophobia - Afraid of flutes
  9. Automatonophobia - Afraid of dolls, statues
  10. Bargainophobia - Fear of selling out (All the more remains in the SSV for us!)
  11. Bibliophobia - Afraid of books
  12. Blennophobi - Afraid of phlegm (Ewwwww!)
  13. Cenosillicaphobia - Afraid of an empty beer glass
  14. Chaetophobia - Afraid of hair
  15. Chiclephobia - Afraid of chewing gum
  16. Chionophobia - Afraid of snow (stupid if you live in Siberia)
  17. Coitophobia - fear of sex
  18. Columbidaephobia - afraid of pigeons
  19. Coulrophobia - Afraid of clowns (Traumatic children's birthday memory or too much Stephen King?)
  20. Decidophobia - Afraid of making decisions (I can't decide if I'm scared of it)
  21. Deipnophobia - Fear of dinner parties and table talks
  22. Dextrophobia - Fear of things on the right side of the body
  23. Dishophobia - Afraid of porcelain dishes
  24. Dutch phobia - Afraid of the Dutch
  25. Egg phobia - Fear of words that can be read forwards as well as backwards (Anna, don't make yourself Otto now.)
  26. Ergophobia - fear of work
  27. Euphophobia - Afraid of good news (Shit, won the lottery again.)
  28. Frigaphobia - Afraid of Fridays
  29. Frigophobia - Afraid of the cold
  30. Gelophobia - Fear of laughter and laughter
  31. Genuphobia - afraid of knees (Knees are really ugly too)
  32. Gephyrophobia - Fear of entering and crossing bridges
  33. Heliophobia - afraid of the sun
  34. Hippopotamomonstrosesquipedaliophobia - Afraid of long words (the struggle is real)
  35. Hyalophobia - Fear of glass or crystal
  36. Hypnotopophobia - Afraid of going to bed
  37. Iconophobia - Afraid of pictures or illustrations (What about pictures of a picture? - Phobia Overkill)
  38. Ithyphallophobia - Fear of an erect penis
  39. Jocalephobia - Afraid of earrings
  40. Cacophobia - Fear of bad music (not for Mallorca vacationers)
  41. Keraunothnetophobia - Fear of falling satellites
  42. Copophobia - fear of fatigue
  43. Coprophobia - Fear of excrement
  44. Coumpounophobia - Afraid of buttons (Long live the zipper!)
  45. Kyphophobia - Afraid to bend over
  46. Laughter phobia - Afraid of vegetables
  47. Leukophobia - Fear of the color white
  48. Luposlipaphobia - Fear of being chased around a kitchen table by timber wolves while the floor is rewaxed and you are wearing socks (Who does not know it?)
  49. Mageirocophobia - Afraid of cooking
  50. Metrophobia - Afraid of poetry and poetry
  51. Neoorthographogermanophobia - Fear of the new German spelling (and probably also this term)
  52. Nomophobia - Afraid of being without a cell phone (Everyone between 12 and 18 years of age.)
  53. Novercaphobia - Afraid of the stepmother (Cinderella Issues)
  54. Oicophobia - Fear of house items
  55. Omphalophobia - Fear of belly buttons
  56. Papaphobia - Afraid of the Pope (No thanks, I don't want to be blessed.)
  57. Phobophobia - afraid of fear (A vicious circle)
  58. Pogonophobia - Fear of beards and beards (Okay, so definitely avoid Prenzlberg.)
  59. Saligarophobia - Afraid of snails
  60. Santaclausophobia - Fear of Christmas and Santa Claus
  61. Scriptophobia - Afraid of writing in public (bad for every star at the autograph session)
  62. Siderodromophobia - Fear of trains or rails (bad for commuters)
  63. Sinistrophobia - Fear of things on the left side of the body
  64. Triskaidecaphobia - Fear of the number 13
  65. Trypophobia - Afraid of holes
  66. Venustraphobia - Afraid of beautiful women
  67. Xylophobia - Fear of wood or objects made of wood

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Do you know any other funny phobias that I forgot? Let us know in the comments! And if you haven't laughed enough, you can take a look at our other lists, for example about funny porn names, funny first names or funny WhatsApp group names.

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