Did the pyramids have an astronomical purpose?

Giza pyramids as a reflection of the Orion stars

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The core of Bauval's hypothesis is the correlation between the great pyramids of Giza and the three-pointed belt from the constellation of Orion, in which the ancient Egyptians worshiped Osiris, the brother and consort of the goddess Isis, as the god of the dead. If you hold a good photograph of these three stars in front of an aerial photograph of the pyramids standing one behind the other, the result is astonishing coverage. In addition, the dimensions of the structures should correspond exactly to the luminosity ratios of the belt stars.

In this connection the assumption is made that all pyramids of the 4th Dynasty (2635-2155 B.C.E.) were built according to an overall astronomical plan. The secret of the four shafts in the Cheops pyramid, long interpreted as ventilation, is included in the astronomical interpretation. According to Bauvals, they are arranged in such a way that the souls of the buried can ascend to their star-studded place. It was not until March 1993 that the German archaeologist and robot expert Rudolf Gantenbrink explored the shaft from the queen's chamber with a robot-operated camera. dpa / ND

From left to right: Mycennos, Chephren and Cheops pyramids not far from the Egyptian capital Photo: dpa

The sight of the pyramids of Giza, the only surviving of the seven wonders of the world from ancient times, has fascinated visitors for millennia. To this day science puzzles over the secret of its origin and the ultimate meaning of its purpose.

Now there are at least indications as to why the Egyptians laid out the buildings seemingly without a plan in the desert and what further meaning could be seen behind the purpose of a pharaoh's tomb. The key was provided by astronomy, which was highly developed among the ancient Egyptians. Orion, one of the most impressive and beautiful constellations, was targeted.

With the help of a computer, the scientist and engineer Robert Bauval, who grew up in Egypt, reconstructed the night sky over the Nile Valley 4000 years ago. To his surprise, he recognized the layout of the pyramids of Giza as an attempt to depict the starry sky on earth. He is convinced that the arrangement and size of the buildings reflect the heavenly region around Orion as the eternal home of the souls of Egyptian kings. Together with his co-author, the writer and publisher Adrian Gilbert, he has compiled surprising material, which is entitled "The Secret of Orion"

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