Why do I keep seeing double numbers

The magical meaning behind the time 11:11

11:11 - there it is again. Sometimes we come across it with a frequency that is almost impossible to explain by mere coincidence. There's even a name for it: that 11:11 phenomenon. It keeps recurring and creates a feeling of importance in those affected. Checked your mobile phone for five days in a row at 11:11? That must mean something, right? A similar meaning is also assigned to other twin numbers: 22:22, 04:04 or 23:32! (You are interested in numerology - we have an article for you!)

The number 11 stands for a new beginning

In numerology, the 11 stands for new beginnings. And at a time of 11:11, the potential to take a new path is many times higher (November 11th? Even better!). So if you see the 11:11 phenomenon heaped up, it is - according to esotericism - a sign that it is time to begin a new phase of life. But it can also be an indication that something is going wrong around you or is not good for you.

Do you see 11:11 all the time? What to do?

Listen to yourself!
What is it? Is there anything i should change? And how can I change it?

Be open!
Look out for new options and ways in your life! Every encounter in your life is an opportunity!

What does 11:11 mean to ME?
The time may also be nothing more than a reminder for you! One day it could mean that you are on the right track, another that you might need to be more careful. Look what the number means for you personally!

The meaning of twin numbers

But there are other interpretations of twin numbers like 11:11 - an important event could occur - for yourself, people close to you or even for world events! The fact is: The double numbers are (at least for esotericists) a key, a sign from our subconscious.

Is there any scientific evidence for the 11:11 phenomenon?

You can already guess - when it comes to the 11:11 phenomenon, science speaks of a selective perception of people, i.e. of a psychological phenomenon. We tend to recognize patterns and recognize them want, to link new information that we already have.

But honestly - what harm does it do to listen to yourself from time to time and see what is good for you and what is not? If a certain time makes us want it, why not please? So, it's 11:11 a.m. - make a wish!