What is Lamborghini's marketing strategy

German marketing agency goes for Lambo

In the crypto world, the question “When Lambo?” Has long represented the Lamborghini supercars as symbols of successful token sales and subsequent wealth. 6SLambo is a new company that was founded to help founders of tokenized companies support an end-to-end marketing solution so that they can maximize token sales. It uses the 6-step model that was introduced by Matyas Zaborszky in his publication "6 Proven Steps to Attract ICO Investors" and is based on the ICO marketer and author's experience in the emerging field. Get the coveted symbol of success in just 6 steps - that's exactly what the brand name suggests.

6SLambo wants to lead the customer step by step through a logical process to achieve his goals. From the completion of the whitepaper, the roadmap and the presentation for the token sale to the preparation of the marketing strategy and its execution with continuous reporting to the implementation of airdrop and proof-of-care campaigns, list building and educational marketing via e- Mail is a central point of contact for everything that makes the token sale successful. The educational approach that Zaborszky advocates is a major differentiator. New companies often delve into their product without being aware of the needs of the target group.

Zaborszky wants to challenge the client's mindset: he wants to help potential investors master and overcome their problems instead of presenting them with ready-made solutions. Problems and solutions are coordinated and lead to a continuous dialogue.

The 6SLlambo team, which consists of web experts, copywriters and financial analysts, has already participated in numerous token offers.


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