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Guest Post:
Forget about editorial plans - why brands need story mode

In terms of the effort required for a blog article or elaborately edited YouTube videos, it is not surprising that the former gap fillers are now playing the main role. Because the influencer's up-to-date stories are simply closer. Some influencers even snap out of the bathroom at home, in a hot mood from the club or straight out of bed. It couldn't be more authentic, even if it hurts sometimes. And what about the consumers? They want more and follow the stories of their idols at least as diligently as new blogs, videos or "normal" social media postings (boring!).

Significance for brands: Forget editorial plans!

If you look at the social media work of brands, you come across a dramatically different picture. The rule is that the editorial plans are set in concrete, in which the posting texts and images have been planned, carefully coordinated and approved for at least the next four weeks.

There is hardly any space for creative or even daily updated postings, it is stifled by the pressure to control. Any momentum is lost as a result, a stark contrast to the trend just described: The appreciation of users for high-quality content is falling rapidly, for consumers shaky real-time content is becoming the norm. These expectations require a completely different social media workflow. Because real-time communication and approval processes across multiple desks don't go together.

Rather, it must be ensured that small units can work independently in the future and can post in real time without approval for brands. The Chief of Storytelling (COS) has a feel for usable stories in the company and presses the record button. Always with a view to previously agreed guidelines and Q & As. One or the other reader may rightly note that the comparison is also maximally unfair.

Of course, it is easier for the hyped Youtuber as a one-man show to meet the expectations of his fans for ultra-authentic real-time communication than for an international company. Yes, it is desperate, but unfortunately it does not help. The influencers are currently setting the benchmark for what fans and followers will expect from companies in the future. Communication in story mode, real-time content and live broadcasts without a network or false floor. So it's high time for brands to create the structures and switch to story mode.