What is paternalism

Paternalism (German)

Part of speech: noun, (Female)

Warning, Plural: Be | vor | mun | dung
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˌBəˈfoɐ̯mʊndʊŋ] Plural: [ˌBəˈfoɐ̯mʊndʊŋ̩]
Word meaning / definition:
1) Free decisions excluding or inhibiting, mostly unintentional influence of third parties on people
Origin of the term:
1) Noun of the verb patronize (this from guardian / guardianship)
1) Incapacitation, supervision, mothering, care, guidance
Opposite words:
1) cooperation
Application examples:
1) We have Paternalism and police, and the "limited sense of the subject" still forms the basis of all kinds of good and bad meanings. (Theodor Fontane, A Summer in London, for Project Gutenberg)
1) My last public meeting before the war, in which I spoke on the subject: “The Paternalism des Geistes durch den Säbel "was mainly concerned with the prohibition of the performance of Wedekind's" Simson, "which the Munich theater had prepared for its fiftieth birthday. (Erich Mühsam, non-political memories, Frank Wedekind's last years, for the Gutenberg project)
1) Privy Councilor Feyerabend enjoyed the supervision, PaternalismMothering through them in all human and divine things in a way that made all defenses that people set up against themselves in church and state superfluous for them personally. (Wilhelm Raabe, Altershausen, II, for the Gutenberg project)
Nominative: singular the paternalism; Plural the paternalism
Genitive: singular of paternalism; Plural of paternalism
Dative: singular of paternalism; Plural the paternalism
Accusative: singular the paternalism; Plural the paternalism


  • English: 1) paternalism, patronage
  • Swedish: 1) formynderi, formyndarskap

Similar terms:
Incapacitation, guardian

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

Critics throw the animal protection association Paternalism in front.
Mopo, February 07, 2019

A lot can happen where people live together. Some things should be regulated, others better not. About bans and Paternalism through the ages.
sueddeutsche.de, September 13, 2018

Federal President Steinmeier has called on citizens to face the danger of Paternalism and actively oppose manipulation through digitization.
dradio.de, June 20, 2019

In China there is currently an ideas competition on how to increase the birth rate again. In the social networks, however, there is resistance to one Paternalism Through the state.
NZZ Online, August 22, 2018

In Berlin, the smoking ban law is to be tightened. Hookah bars, steamers and hospital patients would be renewed by this Paternalism particularly restricted.
Novo, April 29, 2019

Do you like your meat well done and love cappuccino after pizza? Stupid, but then you may not be the right guest. About the new Paternalism in the restaurant.
sueddeutsche.de, February 28, 2020

What is offered to us today as modern mobility is a program of Paternalism and redistribution, thinks our author. The car has gone from being a cult object to being an object of hatred, while bicycles hinder traffic.
Welt.de, March 7, 2020

Social networks are viewed critically in connection with the formation of political opinion. Regulation measures, however, would come Paternalism the citizen same.
NZZ, February 19, 2020

The Iraqis have been protesting against the corrupt and incompetent state for months. For the first time it is also openly against them Paternalism through the powerful neighbor Iran.
Die Zeit, November 17, 2019

The Federal Council takes action against the bikers. You shouldn't be allowed to drive on the weekend. This is an unnecessary encroachment and an outrageous one Paternalism of people through politics, says Gunnar Schupelius.
B.Z., May 25, 2020

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Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • Gagging
  • bondage: State of lawlessness and exploitation
  • oppression: Prevention of an event; severe discrimination against persons (groups)
  • subjugation
  • submission: the act of surrendering to someone; Acceptance of (forced) rule or power; violent appropriation of a domain
  • enslavement: Action (and its result) of placing someone completely under the power of another person

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humanity: Wherever they can, they too try to pave the way for their goal and this goal will probably be the freedom of human beings from any positive tutelage and the development of pure humanity

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Patronizing:… IPA: [bəˈfoːɐ̯mʊndʊŋən] Grammatical features: nominative plural of the noun paternalism genitive plural of the noun paternalism dative plural of the noun ...

Thumb: ... 1) historical: broad sword 2) no plural, colloquial, especially with relatives: paternalism, domination a) being under someone's thumb, standing: from ...

Advice is also a blow:… ˈƩlɛːɡə] Meaning of the word / definition: 1) Notes can be interpreted by the opposite as reprimand or patronizing Examples of use: 1) “It is not for nothing that the ...

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