Who is the father of plant physiology

Borriss, Heinrich

Biographical information from the manual "Who was who in the GDR?":

Born in Vandsburg (Krs. Flatow, Westpr./ Więcbork, Poland); Father teacher; from 1919 in Schwedt, visiting the humanist there. High school, 1928 Abitur; 1928 - 34 studies of natural science, especially botany, at the Univ. Kiel, Munich, Vienna and Greifswald, 1934 Dr. phil .; 1934 St.-Ex. for the higher teaching post, afterwards research scholarship at the Botan. Inst. Of the Univ. Greifswald; 1936-40 assistant at the Botan. Inst. Of the Univ. Bonn, 1939 Habil .; 1940 lecturer in botany; 1940 - 42 employees of the State Research Institute for Plant Physiology in Posen, 1942-45 senior assistant at the Institute for General Botany and lecturer for botany / plant physiology at the "Reich University" Posen in 1941; 1942 - 45 Wehrmacht; 1945 - 48 Soviet prisoner of war, connections to the NKFD, permitted 1947/48 laboratory assistant at the Nikita garden near Yalta (Crimea).
Dec. 1948 return to Germany; 1949 SED, member of the ZV of the DSF; 1949 professor with teaching assignment, 1950 professor with full teaching assignment, 1951 - 73 professor with professorship for botany at EMAU Greifswald; 1949 - 68 Director of the Botan. Inst. And until 1972 Director of the Botan. Garden; 1950 - 52 development and 1952 - 55 director of the inst. For agrobiol. (Incorporated into the Botan. Inst. In 1963); 1951 - 54 Vice Rector for Research and Deputy Rector; 1954 - 57 Chairman of the Science Advisory board for Biol. At the Staatssekr. for HS beings; 1956 VVO; 1957 - 59 Rector of EMAU Greifswald (successor of Gerhardt Katsch); 1957/58 Director of the Inst. For Plant Ecology (merged with the Botan. Inst. In 1958); 1968 - 73 liters in the field of general botany and plant physiology of the Sect. Biol .; 1971/72 Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics / Natural Sciences; 1973 em .; 1959 - 67 members of the President and 1980 honorary member the Biol. Ges. of the GDR; 1969 member of the Leopoldina; 1975 visiting professor at the Univ. Nijmegen (Netherlands); died in Greifswald.
Main areas of work: plant physiology, especially cell physiology and physiology of growth and development, microbiol .; B. created one of the leading botanicals in Greifswald. Univ.-Inst. of the GDR.

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