Can use soap JSON

Why use XML (SOAP) when JSON is so simple and easy to use?

If I disagree a bit about the development of JSON I see here. Although JSON is ordering a maginitude easier, dare I say it's pretty limited. For example, SOAP WS isn't the last thing. In fact, between soap client / server you now have enterprise service bus, authentication system based on crypto, user management, timestamp requests / responses, etc. For all of these, there are some great software platforms provide SOAP related services (well, "web services") and inject stuff into your XML. So, although JSON is probably an order of magnitude easier enough for small projects, I think it gets pretty limited if you decouple transmission control and content (i.e. you develop the content stuff, the actual server, but all the transmission is managed by one other team, authentication from one team, deployment from yet another team). I don't know if my experience at a large corp is relevant, but I'd say JSON doesn't survive. There are too many constraints on top of the basic need to represent the data. So the problem isn't the JSON-RPC itself, the problem is it finds the additional tools to manage the complexity that arises in complex applications (not to mention what they do isn't complex, it's just that the software reflects the complexity of the company that produces it)

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